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Pursuing Carbon Neutral

Creating Big Changes with Small Ideas

Amorepacific Group creates big changes through a collection of small ideas that save energy consumption.

Amorepacific Group actively identifies small ideas that can save energy consumption in its Global Headquarters and production facilities nationwide, creating a huge change in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Cooling Substances Using Cold Outdoor Air During Winter

How are cosmetics made? Different ingredients are prepared in the right proportions and put into a kiln. The kiln melts and mixes the ingredients at a high temperature before cooling the contents at a temperature of 4℃. The result of the process is the cosmetics we know. But can we use the cold outside air to cool down the heated substances? Beauty Campus Osan put into practice the idea of using cold outdoor air during the three-month period in winter, instead of using the cooling system, which runs for eleven and a half hours every day. It was a small idea, but an idea that significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Small Ideas to Bring Big Change

The ‘Energy Innovation Task Force’ was launched in 2019 to accelerate our effort to gather various ideas to save energy. The task force brings together energy experts across the company from Global Headquarters, three production sites across the country, logistics center, R&D center, and each regional divisions to identify ideas to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and to conduct energy-saving campaigns with all members.