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Bio Scalp & Hair: Going Beyond Hair Loss Treatment

Beautiful hair is one of everyone’s desires. We believe that it starts with a healthy scalp. Amorepacific has conducted numerous studies to discover new solutions based on natural ingredients for a healthy scalp and glamorous hair.

Amorepacific launched the Ginseng Sammi shampoo, our first premium shampoo using medicinal Asian plant ingredients in 1973. In 2008, the hair care brand Ryo was launched, signaling a broader commitment to natural, plant-based solutions including innovative approaches to hair loss.

Our first generation Ryo Jayangyumo shampoo was focused on fostering a healthy scalp by removing excessive sebum and dandruff. We focused on simply treating the scalp to prevent hair loss caused by an unhealthy skin surface. The second generation Ryo Jayangyumo shampoo product was focused on finding a solution for alopecia, or patchy hair loss brought on by autoimmune disease. We chose to use natural ingredients such as Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi to prevent androgenetic alopecia (hair loss caused by male hormones) and Glycyrrhiza glabra L. to lengthen hair’s growth period. Our third generation product focused on hair loss caused by external and internal stresses. Excessive stress can lead to inflammation which can eventually lead to hair loss. This new product brought a breakthrough in anti-hair loss technology using a special compound of ginger and green tea.

Today, the cornerstone of our anti-hair loss technology is GinsenEX™. This incredibly effective technology is the first to use high concentrations of Korean ginseng as a main ingredient to fight against hair loss which builds upon Amorepacific’s history of innovation and commitment to natural ingredients.

Korean ginseng had traditionally been used in Asia to promote healthy hair and fight aging, and is frequently used as an ingredient in hair loss treatment brands, both domestic and foreign. But with GinsenEX™ technology, Amorepacific has found a way to use ginseng not just to treat hair loss but prevent it.

On the basis of eastern medical books, traditional method was to dry out medicinal plants (including ginseng), grind into powders and then apply on scalp, which was an effective way to keep hair stay young and healthy. Research results from cell experiments showed that ginseng saponin has excellent effects on improving follicle proliferation and protecting from stress. Through various researches, Amorepacific developed an extraction technology to highly concentrate ginseng saponin, the active ingredient itself by controlling different pressures. By this technology, we were able to concentrate ginseng saponin 10 times effectively, compared to traditional extraction method.

Proven ginseng’s efficacy in preventing hair loss by various in-vitro and clinical tests, Amorepacific revealed that this high-concentrated ginseng extract (Ginseng EX) effectively improve follicle proliferation, hair growth factor and follicle blood circulation thereby increasing hair growth.

Even today, Amorepacific is constantly striving to research deeply on natural active ingredients for further solutions for scalp and hair- not only about anti-hair loss but also for healthy scalp and treatments for damage hair care.

Currently, Amorepacific still focused on the research of natural derived active ingredients for the further solution for scalp and hair (not only about anti-hair loss, but also for scalp healthy and hair damage care). By combining Korean traditional principles and modern science technology, we are striving to deliver innovated hair solutions for beautiful and healthy scalp and hair.