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Privacy Policy

Amorepacific Corporation (hereinafter referred to as, “the Company”) values personal information of Job Applicants (hereinafter referred to as, “the Job Applicant) who use an online application support service we provide, and we make utmost efforts to protect personal information of the Job Applicants.

The Company complies with 『the Personal Information Protection Act』, 『the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.』, and all the other applicable laws and rules on personal information protection. In addition, the Company separately established and complies with the corporate Privacy Policy on how to handle personal information, which is openly posted on the front page of its Website (, hereinafter referred to as, “the Corporate Website”), for the sake of easy access of any Job Applicant whenever s/he wants to read.

Article 1 (Consent and Manner of Collection)

① The Company collects personal information of the Job Applicants via the Corporate Website.

② The Job Applicant may choose to click 「I Agree」 button if s/he agrees to the collection of his/her own personal information by the Company after the Applicant reads the contents of the Company’s Privacy Policy. The Applicant’s click on the 「I Agree」 button is construed as his/her consent to the collection of the corresponding personal information.

Article 2 (Type of Information Collected and Purpose of Collection and Use)

① The Company collects the minimum level of personal information of the Job Applicants required for application and selection process.

② The Company does not collect, without a separate explicit consent of the Job Applicant, sensitive private information including ideology, belief, membership or withdrawal of a labor union or a political party, political opinion, health, sex life, genetic information, and criminal history as it could be violation of basic human rights.

③ The type of personal information which the Company collects from the Job Applicants and the purpose of collection are described in the following.

Mandatory Field

Type of Information Purpose of Collection and Use Period of Use and Retention
Name, Date of Birth, Gender Use for ID Authentication, Recruitment Process, Age Verification, Prevention of Fraudulent Application 5 Years from the Date of Application
Address, Mobile Phone Number, Landline Phone Number, E-mail Address Notification/Communication Channel to Confirm the Job Applicant’s Will or to Handle Complaints (in order to Prevent Illegitimate Application)
Academic History, Major, Graduation (Y/N), Years of Study, Location of School, Military Duty Job Compatibility (in order to Prevent Illegitimate Application)

Optional Field

Type of Information Purpose of Collection and Use Period of Use and Retention
Information to Determine the Applicant’s Job Compatibility such as Language Skills, Qualification, Career History, Volunteer Activities, Overseas Experience, Extracurricular Activities, etc. Job Compatibility (in order to Prevent Illegitimate Application)

④ The Job Applicant may disagree on the Company’s collection and use of personal information. However, please be aware that the disagreement will prohibit the Applicant from using this service.

Article 3 (Outsourcing of Personal Information Handling)

① The Company may entrust personal information maintenance of the Job Applicants to Service Provider for better quality recruiting support and smoother data processing.

② The Company supervises the Service Provider to protect personal information of the Job Applicants under the outsourcing agreement on personal information processing and ensures the Service Provider thoroughly complies with privacy related instructions, keeps confidentiality obligations on personal information, and does not provide personal information of the Job Applicant to any other third parties without agreement of the Applicant.

③ The service providers entrusted to handle personal information processing and their scope of services are as follows.

Service Provider Scope of Service
IBM Korea Computer Processing and Maintenance of Personal Information, Emailing
LGU+ Text Messaging including SMS and MMS
Amorepacific Malaysia Personal Information Management of the Job Applicants and Hiring Process

Article 4 (Retention and Use Period, Removal Procedure and Manner)

① The Company retains personal information of the Job Applicants during which the Applicant uses services provided by the Company and for 5 years from the date of the application for the purpose of providing service and preventing an illegitimate application. No one can print out personal information of the Job Applicants registered in the computer system except for the personal information management representative and chief, or those who obtain an approval from them.

② The Company takes action without hesitation if the Job Applicant requests to remove his/her personal information by completely deleting from a disk in a manner that cannot be recovered nor restored, thus making the record not readable nor usable.

③ The Company removes the Job Applicant’s personal information without hesitation when the purpose of information gathering or receiving is fulfilled by deleting data from a disk or shredding paper printed forms with a shredder in accordance with the Company’s internal removal process.

④ The Company may retain personal information of the Job Applicant for a certain period of time, even after the purpose of information gathering and receiving is fulfilled, if the Personal Information Protection Act, the Commercial Act, the Framework Act on National Taxes, or such statute stipulate the needs to retain the information.

Article 5 (Privacy Protection and Complaint Handling Department)

① The Company has a dedicated team for privacy protection and resolution of complaints, which could arise in relation to personal information. Furthermore, the Company makes sure the Job Applicants’ inquiries or complaints to be addressed promptly by appointing the personal Information management chief and representative.

[Personal Information Management Chief]

  • Name: CIO Jin-woo Kim
  • Department: Information Technology Division
  • Contact: 080-023-5454(Toll Free) (Mon~Fri: 09:00~18:00, except for holidays)

[Personal Information Management Representative]

  • Name: Team Leader Seung-il Oh
  • Department: Information Security Team
  • Contact: 080-023-5454(Toll Free) (Mon~Fri: 09:00~18:00, except for holidays)
  • E-mail:
  • FAX: 02-709-6129

② The Job Applicant may contact the following organizations if s/he needs consultation about his/her personal information.

  • 118 Center for Cyber Difficulties, Korea Internet and Security Agency ( call 118)
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Center, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (
  • Cyber Bureau of Korean National Policy Agency ( 182)

Article 6 (Personal Information Collected by Automatic Collection Device)

① The Company may use cookies, (cookie, automatic data collection tool of personal information including internet log-on file) which store and looks for information about you. Cookies are a small amount of information that a server running the Company’s Website sends to the Job Applicant’s browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.), which could also be stored on the Applicant’s computer hard disk. When the Job Applicant accesses the Website, the Company’s computer reads the content of the cookies and finds additional information about the Applicant from the computer, thus providing a faster service without further input such as log-in ID. Cookies recognize a computer of the Job Applicant, but does not recognize you as an individual.

② The Company uses cookies to analyze access frequency and visit time of members and non-members and to identify visit counts of the Job Applicants, which are used to support or renovate services needed to run the Website.

③ The Job Applicants have a right to choose cookie settings. Therefore, the Job Applicants may choose among options in the web browser settings: Accept All, Accept in Part, or Block All.

  1. 1. How to enable cookies (if you are using Internet Explorer 6.0)
    Click on [Tools] from Task Bar of the internet page, choose [Internet Options], choose [Privacy Tab], and then in [Privacy Protection Level], you can set up whether to accept cookies.
  2. 2. How to review cookies received (if you are using Internet Explorer 6.0)
    Click [Tools] from Task Bar of the internet page, choose [Internet Options], go to General Tab (Basic Tab), choose [Settings] of temporary internet file, and then choose [View File].

Article 7 (Access and Correction)

① The Job Applicant may read and correct his/her personal information written in the application form. The Job Applicant may either directly access it or correct the wrong after going through ID authentication process or contact the privacy department via phone call, email or in writing. The inquiry will be addressed without hesitation. However, during the recruiting process, after an application submission date passes, personal information cannot be revised until the corresponding hiring process ends.

② The Company may not use nor provide personal information which the Job Applicant requested to correct before the requested correction is made. Also, after an error correction is made, the corrected information will be immediately shared with the third party service providers for them to have a correct information.

③ Access and correction of personal information may be restricted in the following cases:

  1. 1. if it is likely to seriously harm the rights and interests of the third party.
  2. 2. if it is likely to cause a serious inconvenience to the business of an applicable service provider or,
  3. 3. if it violates the statute.

Article 8 (Withdrawal from Consent to Collection and Use)

① The Job Applicant may withdraw from the consent to collection and use of personal information s/he made during the process of writing an application. Withdrawal can be made directly by clicking Delete Application after going through authentication process or by contacting the personal information management chief in writing, via phone or e-mail, who will immediately remove the personal information of the Job Applicant without hesitation. However, if the recruiting process is still under way, the application form cannot be deleted.

② The Company will take action to make a withdrawal process easier than a collection process of personal information.

Article 9 (Administrative, Technical, and Physical Solutions)

① The Company establishes, puts into practice and provides trainings on internal action plans on safe handling of personal information.

② The Company is seeking technical solutions to prevent loss, theft, leak, alteration, and damage during the process of handling personal information of the Job Applicants.

③ The personal information of the Job Applicants is managed through an intranet which cannot be accessed nor intruded from an external network, and also data with material importance is strictly protected with separate security features of file transfer data encryption or file locking.

④ The Company placed an intrusion detection system at each server and firewall in prevention for hacking or such an external attack while having installed an access control system to ensure a stronger security.

⑤ Anti-virus programs, installed at the IT devices which personal information handlers or systems use for data processing, inspect at any time and treat attacks of computer viruses, spywares, and malwares to prevent violation of personal information.

⑥ The Company limits only a minimum number of employees to have access right to the personal information of the Job Applicants, for the sake of safety of personal information, establishes internal procedures on data access and management, and enforces access control, and use of lock which the employees shall understand and comply with.

⑦ When a transition process takes place in regard to the jobs of personal information handlers, strong security is provided. It is also explicitly set out what kind of liabilities those who join and leave the Company may bear upon the occurrence of personal information accident.

⑧ The Job Applicants shall be responsible for accuracy of the personal information they provide to the Company through self-checks and verification. Those who use others’ private information during the course of using Internet websites without a right authority or harm others’ rights may be not only sanctioned by the Company but also be faced with civil and criminal liabilities.

⑨ The Company shall not be responsible for any problems caused by leakage of personal information such as account ID (ID), password, and the Resident Registration Number if the leakage was incurred due to the Job Applicant’s own carelessness or problems on the Internet. Therefore, each and every Applicant shall maintain his/her ID and password and take responsibilities for them in order to protect his/her own personal information. Exceptionally, if the Job Applicant’s personal information is lost, leaked, altered, or damaged due to the human error of the Company’s internal administrator, or technical administrative incident, the Company will notify the Applicant of this fact immediately and seek for appropriate remedial response and compensation.

Article 10 (Protection of Children’s Personal Information)

The Company does not collect personal information of children aged under 14 to protect personal information of children.

Article 11 (Duty of Notification)

The Content of Privacy Policy in the Corporate Website may be changed due to changes in statute, the government policy, the Company’s internal operational policy, or security technology. The Company will post the revised contents alongside with reasons for change on the first page of the Corporate Website at least 7 days (30 days if the change is unfavorable to users) prior to putting into practice.

[Schedule] 2012.03.19

  • The Article 1 (Effective Date) This Policy shall be effective from March 26, 2012.

[Schedule] 2015.03.23

  • The Article 1 (Effective Date) This Policy shall be effective from March 26, 2015.