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The lunching plan of AmorePacific Brand

Global 2003-04-30

We are announcing a strategic change of Grand Opening for AMOREPACIFIC Flagship Store in New York. The uncertainties of market and weak consumer confidence, along with recent war in Iraq, had a huge impact on the consumer goods sector throughout the world. Even though the prestige cosmetic market shows great resilience, despite the economic situation, we have come to a conclusion that strategic change of grand opening schedule would be very important to gain a greater assurance of business profitability in the US market. Instead of opening the Flagship Store in early summer season, we will implement a public relations intensification strategy during this slow sales volume period to showcase AMOREPACIFIC skincare products in the Flagship Store. The Grand Opening launch activity will commence in September, but the Flagship Store is open to the general public in the beginning of August. Please make a note of this change in schedule and promotional opportunity for AMOREPACIFIC Flagship Store in New York.