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The Legion d'honneur Decoration

Global 2006-07-27

The following is an extract from the speech by Mr. Suh Kyung-bae at the ceremony. ------------------------- "The Legion d'honneur belongs to all Amorepacific family members" I have been decorated with one of the highest French mark of order, Legion d'honneur, by the French government on July 27. Such was in recognition of Amorepacific's contribution to the development of economic ties between Korea and France. Hence, I took the place of receiving the award on behalf of all our colleagues at Amorepacific Europe and HQ. This year marks the 120th year of amity between Korea and France, and also the 47th year since Amorepacific began its affinity with France. The story between Amorepacific and France embarked in 1959 with the technical tie-up with one of the cosmetics company in France. The successful coalition between the two companies led to the late founder Suh Sung-whan's visit to France in 1960, as he was awarded the honorary citizen of Paris. This visit paved the way for Amorepacific's inroads into the Western market. During his visit, he made visits to major cities and countries in Europe-Paris and other parts in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and more-and visualized Amorepacific as a global player. Particularly, he received a strong impression and aid from France when building the company's global vision. In 1988, many years after late chairman Suh's visit, Amorepacific set up operations in France. There were many difficulties and obstacles in the beginning, but we gained much success with the launch of Lolita Lempicka fragrance in 1997. The fragrance is recognized as one of the top five fragrance products in the French market, and with the new factory in Chartre in 2004 and the recent launch of L de Lolita Lempicka, the second line of Lolita Lempicka fragrance, the French affiliate continues its success story in France. Such efforts brought the honor of Legion d'honneur, and this belongs to the late founder Suh Sung-whan and everyone at Amorepacific Europe and HQ. Amorepacific, with its long history and experience, will continue to act as a bridge for economic and cultural interchanges between Korea and France.