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Yap May Poh, Rainie

Sales Executive Sulwhasoo

When did you join Amorepacific Malaysia?

  • I joined Amorepacific Malaysia in Jan 2017 and it has been a rather challenging yet fulfilling journey so far.

Why did you choose to join Amorepacific Malaysia?

  • Beauty has always been my passion and being hired by Amorepacific is definitely a dream come true, as Amorepacific is the biggest and a leading beauty company in Korea.

Share with us your journey in Amorepacific Malaysia, from when you started till now. How the company has grown and your experience with the company?

  • Amorepacific is still growing and expanding globally at a rapid pace. Being part of an expanding company excites me and it has allowed me to go beyond my limits. It has been challenging but I have learnt so much from my superior and my colleagues throughout my journey here.

What do you like most about your job?

  • The work culture here. I love my teammates and am grateful to have met them. They are always so supportive and positive, which makes work a whole lot more fun and exciting

What is your proudest moment / key achievement in Amorepacific Malaysia?

  • My proudest moment in Amorepacific Malaysia is being able to come together as a team to successfully launch and promote one of the biggest event for Sulwhasoo at Pavilion Centre Court last year.

How do you find the working culture in Amorepacific Malaysia?

  • I found working in Amorepacific Malaysia to be very positive. We practise teamwork and we’re always on the lookout for each another. We are a family.