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Tay Ching Yee

Asst Store Manager Etude House

What gets you excited to go to work?

  • I get to meet different types of customer daily. Everyday seems new and challenging for me as I develop problem solving skills.

What are you passionate about in your job role?

  • As somebody who loves makeup, being able to introduce customer what I fond and allowed to share my knowledge with them is something I'm proud to do.

Share with us about your accomplishment in your job which you are proud about.

  • Occasions when customers come back to me, complimenting products recommended to them. It makes me gain a good sense of satisfaction and that never fails to motivate me to do even better at my job.

What are your favourite memories working in Amorepacific Group?

  • One of my favoured and memorable one would be during Pink Play Event held last year. There are many of us working long hours throughout the event. Nevertheless working with a great bunch of people and seeing all the regular customers gathering and enjoyed the event makes everything worthwhile.

What do you enjoy most about the company?

  • Being acknowledged, being able to work like a family and discussing ideas with an open mind.

What makes our workplace culture unique?

  • Store is always lit up giving a lively atmosphere. All of us work well together and help each other when in need like a family.

Three words to describe our company's culture

  • Innovative, customer oriented and trendy.

Do you agree with our Company Values or find them important?

  • Our company values being innovative and open minded. We need to be innovative to be a distinctive brand and becoming a trend setter. Being open minded to explore ideas from all direction.

Are you proud to be a member of your team?

  • Yes I'm proud to be one of them. We have great teamwork, and that makes everyday a pleasure to work.