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Soo Choi Lean, Jojo

Counter Manager Sulwhasoo

Share with us your journey in Amorepacific Malaysia.

  • When I found out about Sulwhasoo’s opening in Malaysia, I rushed to submit my application as I knew it will be a great career opportunity for me. Lucky for me, I made it as the first BA recruit for Sulwhasoo and after a few years serving as a BA, I was promoted to Sulwhasoo’s counter manager. I am glad to have made that decision to apply for the BA position 5 years ago as I’ve gained invaluable experience from the brand and Amorepacific who saw the potential in me. The training, workshops and guidance from Amorepacific have shaped me into a leader I never thought I could become as a BA. With the knowledge equipped in me, I am proud to be able to share the Sulwhasoo luxury heritage with my customers and also our junior recruits.