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Made for health, made with pleasure
Natural Smiles, Pleasia

Choose your toothpaste based on your taste! Pleasia is a naturalism-based dental care brand that respects individual taste and preferences. The products contain various nature-derived ingredients, benefits needed based on different types of oral conditions and they leave behind a soft feeling after brushing your teeth.

Pleasia products do not contain the eight harmful ingredients, including sulfate surfactant, methylparaben, and tar colorants. Furthermore, Pleasia lists all the detailed information of the ingredients used in its products, allowing consumers to feel safe when using them. In addition, it applies Taste keeping System™, so that you can taste your food even right after brushing your teeth.

Pleasia allows consumers to freely choose the taste of the toothpaste by preference, offering a wide range of tastes, including Pine Needle Tea, Yuzu Salt, Peach Mint along with Fluoride Free Toothpaste for the whole family to use. The Tea line, especially, uses Jeju organic green tea extract as the main ingredient and it has been proven for its efficacy in removing bad breath in 83.5% of the clinical trials. The Salt line contains pure salts from France and helps prevent gum and periodontal diseases. And the Color Fruit line is a total care line effective for overall oral hygiene, including preventing cavities, removing dental plaque, and preventing gingivitis.

Use your toothpaste in a more fun and healthy way every day. Enjoy the new fun of discovering the perfect toothpaste with Pleasia.

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