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Goutal Paris

Goutal Paris, Author of Perfumes Creating New Fragrances

‘Annick Goutal’, an authentic perfumery house established in 1981 by a French perfumer Annick Goutal, delivered original and sentimental stories on scents over the past 37 years, enjoying much love from perfume enthusiasts and experts. In January 2019, the brand began its second chapter under the name of ‘Goutal Paris’ with more sophisticated and bold imagination and inspiration added to Annick Goutal’s heritage.

Annick Goutal presents the world of memories & imagination, life’s inspiration & adventure and nature & other beautiful surroundings as fragrant, rich, modern and bold stories through Goutal’s unique and precious ingredients.

Goutal Paris, Author of Perfumes. New stories by Goutal take you to the new visual world and more elaborated and exquisite scents.