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Visual Identity

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity introduce

These are design assets that visually express the core values and history of Amorepacific.


The wordmark combines ‘Amore’ of a soft and sophisticated image with ‘Pacific’ of a strong and intelligent image. The concept of the wordmark is ‘Harmony of Contrast’, creating beauty by combining two conflicting elements of outer beauty and inner beauty, tradition and future, reason and emotion, and nature and science. The two colors used in Amorepacific image – ‘Amore Blue’, which delivers a soft and gentle feel like the shadow of the moon, and ‘Pacific Blue’, which resembles the cool and strong feel of deep sea and a desert night – are in perfect harmony.


The Amore Heart, which holds the meaning of ‘Asian Beauty Creator’, reflects our history and tradition. The symbol is a thumbs-up shape with a heart, also meaning ‘the best of beauty and love’.


The Camellia Graphic, which symbolizes the history of Amorepacific, embodies the Camellia petal with the waves of lines flowing from the core of the flower in a heart shape. The Graphic serves to express our passion in changing the world through waves of beauty.


The emblem expresses a more abundant world of Amorepacific brought by the fruits of bringing its history on camellia, its pioneering spirit in green tea, a mother’s love and creativity towards the future, and an image of focusing on harmony between outer and inner beauty into the shape of the Pacific.