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AP Way

AP Minds

Guidelines for practicing Our Vocation and Our Values.


  1. I am the pride of Amorepacific It is the most basic attitude in fulfilling Our Vocation.
    It is the strong pride and passion that comes from accepting Our Vocation.
  2. Who am I growing to be We take feedback about ourselves and improve.
    It is an attitude that respects other ideas and opinions.
  3. I am the best of tomorrow We are not complacent about today’s success and always set challenging goals for tomorrow.
    We never stop learning and experiencing new things for our future growth.
  4. I work and I am happy It is a sense of vocation we find in the work of ourselves.
    We find meaning and happiness from work and our workplace.

around us
and the world

  1. Give first, always We always respect others and try to understand them.
    We are willing to help others like it is our work.
  2. Commitment, promises to keep We strive to keep our trust with our stakeholders.
    It is an attitude that complies with principles, regulations, and commitments.

Our Work

  1. The customer decides The needs of customers come first in our work.
    We are committed to understanding the customer’s perspective.
  2. Think more, question more We ask thoughtful questions and think deeply instead of taking easy solutions.
    We develop a critical mind and adopt a proactive attitude to problem-solving.
  3. Do it now, do it right We never give up no matter how hard the situation is.
    We do not limit ourselves and continue to challenge ourselves.
  4. Enjoy the new We enjoy learning and experiencing new things as opportunities.
    We break away from existing practices, not afraid to be different from others.

The world will change when we commit to and take beautiful actions
for ourselves, our work, the people around us and the world.