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Innisfree’s 'Green Upcycle Store'

Holding Beauty Once Again, Innisfree’s Green Upcycle Store

In June 2017, Innisfree opened an upcycling store, ‘Green Upcycle Store’, in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, using 230,000 recycled bottles collected through its annual empty bottle recycle campaign launched since 2003.

Green Upcycle Store is based on the concept of ‘holding beauty once again.’ In line with this concept, Innisfree developed interior finishing materials using empty bottles that once contained ingredients to bring beauty to skin and used them in 70% of the store’s interior finishing. But it didn’t stop there. Recycled bottles were also used to build store furniture and other objets, adding value. In addition, bottle crushers were placed in the store to allow customers to experience first-hand how upcycling works. And a monitor shows how many empty bottles are collected in real time for customers to see and experience the virtuous cycle of resources.