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World renowned scientists, reveal the efficacies of “Green Tea” and “Ginseng Berry”!

R&D 2010-11-23

“10th International symposium on green tea and ginseng berry hosted by Korean Society of Food Science and Technology and sponsored by AmorePacific will take place in Songdo Convention Center in In-chon on June 17. 

This symposium is a special session that will take place on the second day of the 77 Food Science and Nutrition Conference lasting for three days from June 16, in the morning session, it will talk about the immunity strengthening effect of green tea’s catechin and in the afternoon, healthy function of ginseng berries.  Dr. Bukowski from Harvard medical university and Dr. Yuan from Chicago medical university and other prominent researchers in the world will announce their research report at the symposium. 

On this day, Dr. Bukowski of Harvard medical university  will report the theme of “green tea’s immunity improvement efficacy and his research result that green tea’s major ingredients Theanine and Catechin (EGCG) decreased patients with influenza and cold symptoms by 30% after taking them for three months.  Dr. Bukowski said that the result was due to green tea’s ingredient to activate T cells of immune system and the activated immune system can be applied not only to cold and influenza but also cancer cells, bacteria and parasites. 

In the afternoon session, unlike last year, various research results on ginseng berry’s efficacies on modern people’s aging symptoms will be reported. 

The anti-aging berry, which delays aging, ginseng berry is an ingredient that can be obtained only for one week in July during the entire life-cycle of 4-year-old ginseng, unlike the Saponine rich in ginseng roots, it is rich in other types of Saponine, which makes it highly valuable and the efficacies such as skin and blood health, sliming and exercising ability improvement.  Ginseng berries cannot be stored easily in the natural form after being harvested, and was known to only a few due to its small amount. However, AmorePacific who has built up the know-how on ginseng research for 40 years has developed the standardizing technology, so the ingredient has been used for V=B Cream program Yejinseng Berry Herbal Liquid and Sulwhasoo “Jaemseng Cream.”

AmorePacific has held “Green Tea Symposium” for 10 years with world’s renowned scientists to contribute to the tea culture development through academic support and research support on green tea for a long time. 

>> Note) main reports at the 10th Green Tea Ginseng Berry Symposium  Dr. Bukwski has focused on researches to raise self immunity to fight contagious diseases such as cold and influenza by creating antibodies in the body very easily without any shots or being caught.  This coming June 17, at the International Green Tea Symposium which will be hosted by Korean Society of Food Science and Technology, Dr. Bukowski will report interesting research results. 

The symptoms of cold and influenza patients decreased by 30% when they had taken Green tea’s main ingredient Theanine and Catechin (EGCG) for three months. Activated immune cells act as a defense mechanism which removes intruders such as cancer cells, bacteria and parasites more efficiently compared to when they were exposed to the intruders. 

* Finding the value of ginseng berry which has anti-diabetes and anti-obesity effects

Regarding the dietary pattern of modern people, various metabolism disorders can be a threat to health and wellness of people.   Especially, as people get older, there are more possibilities of getting diabetes and obesity which will decrease their quality of life. 

Dr. Yuan who is the head professor at Chicago University’s Tang research institute center has reported there are anti-diabetes and anti-obesity effects in ginseng berry on the DIABETES. 

Dr. Yuan , even though the effects of anti-diabetes of ginseng has been known, he emphasized on efficacies of ginseng berry’s which are better than ginseng roots when it comes to its saponine content and its structure.  In fact, compare the effects of ginseng’s root and fruit, in case of ginseng berry, rapid blood glucose increase was controlled and showed glucose control effect and the blood cholesterol level as well as weight decreased.  Dr. Yuan also mentioned the distinguishing effect of ginseng berry that he focused on ginseng’s saponin content, “Ginsenoside-Re” which is contained in ginseng fruits 20 to 30 times more than the ginseng roots.