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AmorePacific Museum of Art opens its second special exhibition

Company 2014-07-04

AmorePacific Museum of Art (Director Seun Chang Chun) held the opening ceremony of “APMAP (AmorePacific Museum of Art Project) 2014 Jeju— Between Waves” as a modern art project on 월? 4. The exhibition will be held until August 31 in and around Seogwang Tea Garden, Seogwipo, Jeju Island. 

“APMAP 2014 Jeju—Between Waves” is the second exhibition of the touring public art project of the AmorePacific Museum of Art or APMAP that started in 2013 and continued until 2016 nationwide in Korea. The project started in the AmorePacific Beauty Factory in Osan last year and is newly planned annually. The project will proceed in a relay form by touring different AmorePacific offices nationwide in Korea: Green Tea Tree Forest (Seogwang Tea Garden/ Osulloc, Jeju) this year, Garden in 2015 (AmorePacific R & D Center, Yongin, Seoul) and Factory in 2016 (AmorePacific’s new office building, Seoul). 

The theme of APMAP project’s exhibition held in and around Seogwang Tea Garden in Jeju Island this time is Between Waves. It is the combination of the word “between” meaning between space, time, and concepts, and “waves.” It embodies images of diverse fields, such as the blue and white waves surrounding Jeju Island, the green waves of the green tea tree forest unfolding on the Seogwang Tea Garden, the wave of tourists visiting Jeju on vacation and modern art’s tidal currents. The AmorePacific Museum of Art is exhibiting diverse artworks installed in and around the Seogwang Tea Garden to create new sceneries, wherein the garden, people, and art harmoniously coexist. It attempts to communicate modern art to its visitors with living nature as the background. 

Artworks of modern artists and architects of 15 teams are exhibited. For the exhibition, the artists visited Seogwang Tea Garden several times early on. The artists observed the garden, Osulloc Tea Museum, Osulloc Tea Stone, and Innisfree Jeju House, where the exhibition is being held, to gain inspiration and reflect it in their exhibited artworks of diverse genres, such as sculptures, installation art, and media art. Three artworks are also installed in and outside Osulloc Tea Museum, Osulloc Tea Stone, and Innisfree Jeju House.

The exhibition, which will open tomorrow, will be free and open to the public. It will open from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., and the professional docent tour program of “Art Trek,” prepared to help visitors understand the artworks, will be held twice a day. Visitors can check information on various events, including the participatory program “Art Making,” on the AmorePacific Museum of Art’s Web site (