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AmorePacific recruits high school girls to participate in the “Beauty Expedition Team” to support their beautiful and healthy dreams

CSR 2014-07-17

AmorePacific is recruiting 100 high school girls to participate in its “2014 AmorePacific Beauty Expedition Team” through its social contribution portal site that will be carried out in the AmorePacific Human Resources Development Center located in Yongin, Seoul, Korea, on Saturday, August 9. 

The event, wherein AmorePacific Group staff donate their knowledge under the theme of beauty found in science, body, and design, will be carried out as a one-day camp. It is an activity wherein AmorePacific is to share their knowledge as a way of showing support. 

The staff will provide diverse experiences for the girls to understand “genuine beauty,” decide their career path, and test their personality. 

For other details, ask through the portal or secretariat (02-6493-1013).

“Apply to participate in the Beauty Exploration Team,” which will entail AmorePacific staff donating their knowledge to high school girls.