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AmorePacific–Daelim Bath to jointly carry out the “Bath Culture Project”

Brand 2014-07-21

Both companies prepared the project to refocus on the value of new baths that are changing into a space for communication among family members and for resting in line with changes in consumer awareness on the living environment. Both companies jointly planned the project as companies ceaselessly discover and research the value of a “bath.” The project is expected to provide many consumers the opportunity to share meaningful experiences they have had with a bath. 

AmorePacific and Daelim Bath will carry out the first program of the project from July 21 (Mon.) to July 31 (Thurs.) in the “Daelim Bath Showroom.” The program will entail finding AmorePacific Hair, Body, and Oral (HBO) brands in the showroom. Once participants complete the event mission, take certifying shots, and upload them on SNS, both companies plan to give plenty of giveaways, including bath goods and tools. 

To participate in the event, consumers must first visit the Daelim Bath Showroom in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, and find AmorePacific Hair, Body, and Oral (HBO) products such as Mise-en-Scene, Ryo, Happy Bath, Illi, and Median. Then, they need to set the products in the bath, take certifying shots, and upload them on SNS with tags to complete their entry. If they share event page tags with friends on Facebook, they will have a greater chance of winning. 

Both companies plan to clearly refocus on the new value of baths by inducing consumers to experience new baths and share their stories through the event. 

“It is very encouraging to see that AmorePacific and Daelim Bath are deeply deliberating on the common theme of ‘bathing space’ and ‘users,’” said Team Leader, Geum Seok Eun of AmorePacific’s Bath Strategy Team. “By communicating with consumers regarding the bath experience, it is our hope the value of healthy beauty would be well delivered.”