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AmorePacific showcases Korean Thanksgiving gift sets consisting of “Sulwhasoo, Hera, and VB” products

Brand 2014-08-28

Korean Thanksgiving Day is the most important national holiday of Korea. With this, AmorePacific has prepared special gift sets that are sure to provide the most indulging experience, consisting of Sulwhasoo, Hera, and VB cosmetics for you to show your thanks to those you love and care. The gift sets consist of the top products this year, from cosmetics for greater beauty and elegance as well as health food products to enhance immunity. How about showing your gratitude to others whom you think deserve it with a special gift set?

AmorePacific has prepared “2014 Thanksgiving Day Gift Sets,” consisting of its best-seller products of “Sulwhasoo,” a holistic beauty brand that delivers harmonious and balanced beauty. Three sets have been prepared this year for you to show your gratitude to those you love so that they may enjoy healthy skin: Essential 2 Set, Timetreasure 2 Set, and Sulwhasoo Men 2 Set. 

1. Sulwhasoo Essential 2 Set
“Sulwhasoo Essential 2 Set” is a set that consists of the basic Sulwhasoo series of Essential Balancing Water and Essential Balancing Emulsion; “Essential Balancing Water,” a nourishing Oriental medicine–based cosmetic water boasting of an excellent moisturizing effect and a moist gel texture; and “Essential Balancing Emulsion,” a cream of a silky texture that adds resilience to the skin and gives it a natural, healthy glow. It includes five samples of basic skin care products: “First Care Activating Serum,” “Essential Balancing Water,” “Essential Balancing Emulsion,” “Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream,” and “Luminature Essential Finisher” to experience oriental medicine–based care that Sulwhasoo pursues. It costs KRW 120,000.

[Product composition]
- Main products: Essential Balancing Water (125 ml) and Essential Balancing Emulsion (125 ml)
- Giveaways: First Care Activating Serum (8 ml), Essential Balancing Water (15 ml), Essential Balancing Emulsion (15 ml), Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream (5 ml), and Luminature Essential Finisher (8 ml)

2. Sulwhasoo Timetreasure 2 Set 
Consisting of premium oriental medicine–based antiaging care Timetreasure series that deliver elegant beauty that is able to transcend time, “Sulwhasoo Timetreasure 2 Set” comes with “Timetreasure Perfecting Water” and “Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion,” as well as five samples, to experience the ultimate premium cosmetics care developed with premium Sulwhasoo compounds and optimal technology. It costs KRW 220,000.

[Product Composition] 
- Main products: Timetreasure Perfecting Water (125 ml) and Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion (125 ml)
- Giveaways: Timetreasure Perfecting Water (20 ml), Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion (20 ml), Timetreasure Renovating Serum (5 ml), Timetreasure Renovating Cream (8 ml), and Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream (3 ml)

3. Sulwhasoo Men 2 Set 
“Sulwhasoo Men 2 Set” consists of oriental medicine–based “Essential Skin Refiner for Men” for value beyond a mere toner and “Moisturizing Fluid for Men,” an oriental medicine–based lotion to effectively smoothen face, as well as four samples. The set will vitalize men’s skin tired from frequent stress, alcohol consumption, and smoking in daily life. It costs KRW 115,000.

[Product Composition] 
- Main products: Essential Skin Refiner for Men (120 ml) and Moisturizing Fluid for Men (90 ml)
- Giveaways: Essential Skin Refiner for Men (15 ml), Moisturizing Fluid for Men (15 ml), Energizing Cream for Men (5 ml), and Sun Cream for Men (5 ml)

Give a Hera gift set that is prepared with much care and consists of only strictly selected, practical, and highest-quality cosmetics presented with pure elegance to convey your heart full of gratitude to those you love and care; that is, not only for women but also for men. 

1. Hera Aquabolic 2 Set 
We recommend “Hera Aquabolic 2 Set” as a gift for women crafted for their skin to shine on the national holiday. The set consists of Aquabolic Moisturizing Water and Emulsion that instantly hydrate and nourish skin, protect it from a dry environment and solve skin dryness, a fundamental cause of skin problems. In particular, the GMO-free lecithin compounds in the Aquabolic series hydrate all skin concerns, enhance the skin barrier, and vitalize skin, making it moisturized. It costs KRW 82,000. 

[Product composition] 
- Main products: Aquabolic Moisturizing Water (150 ml) and Aquabolic Moisturizing Emulsion (120 ml)
- Giveaways: Purifying Cleansing Foam (15 ml), Aquabolic Moisturizing Water (15 ml), Aquabolic Cell Essence Mist (15 ml) / 6 cotton pads, Aquabolic Moisturizing Emulsion (15 ml), and Cell-Bio Cream (5 ml)

2. Hera Homme Cell Vitalizing Luxury 2 Set (slightly dry skin)
Hera Homme Cell Vitalizing Luxury 2 Set” consists not only of a toner and emulsion to provide holistic care for men’s youthful skin but also a cleansing foam and a highly effective antiaging cream. In particular, the Men’s Abcell™ (natural antioxidant particles + Abcell 2.0™) in the Cell Vitalizing Essence In Skin takes care of skin tone, vitality, and texture for healthy skin full of life. In addition, the two wrinkle caring and brightening products deliver systemic antiaging effects and has an optimal combination of moisturizing compounds for fresh finishing and moisturizing without stickiness. It helps maintain healthy skin that can become rough from cold wind and is an optimal gift for men. It costs KRW 75,000.

[Product composition] 
- Main products: Homme Cell Vitalizing Essence In Skin (125 ml) and Homme Cell Vitalizing Moisturizing Emulsion (110 ml)
- Giveaways: Hera Homme Cell Vitalizing Essence in Skin (20 ml), Hera Homme Cell Vitalizing Moisturizing Emulsion (20 ml), Hera Homme Cell Vitalizing Purifying Cleansing Foam (25 ml), and Hera Homme Cell Vitalizing Magic Skin Cream (5 ml)

[Vital Beauty] 
“Vital Beauty (VB),” a beauty food brand of AmorePacific pursuing healthy beauty, offers four popular items of premium red ginseng line “Yejinseng” rich in content, at reasonable prices. Gift sets consisting of “Yejinseng” products, developed with technology unique to AmorePacific and its heritage components of ginseng and ginseng berry, consist of practical items for the health of your entire family, including parents and children. You can purchase products through AmorePacific counselors, Online Mall, Sulwhasoo stores in major department stores, and BB Diet Lab on Garosu-gil, Seoul, Korea.

1. VB “Yejinseng Ginseng Berry® Extract Ampoule Set”
“Yejinseng Ginseng Berry® Extract Ampoule” is a highly enriched red ginseng ampoule product consisting of “ginseng berry” as its subingredient, which can be harvested only for a week when it reaches its fourth year of growth. It has added “ginseng berry” as a subingredient to “highly enriched red ginseng extract” for the first time in Korea to develop ampoules with a maximum of 30 times more saponin, ginsenoside Re compounds, and key nutrients of ginseng, than ginseng. In addition, they contain vitamins E and B, magnesium, zinc, copper, and other minerals that help lessen fatigue, enhance immunity, promote blood flow, and improve memory. The set specially provides ampoules for use for five additional days. 

[Product composition/price] 20 g × 50 ampoules / KRW 230,000

2. VB “Yejinseng Jaeumbo Ginseng Berry® Jaeumhwan Set”

“Yejinseng Jaeumbo Ginseng Berry® Jaeumhwan” contains red ginseng and ginseng berry extracts that improve women’s health, in addition to 14 traditional botanic compounds that protect women’s body. It is a premium red ginseng product. As a special offer for this year’s Thanksgiving Day, we have added five pills to the existing product. It contains 14 strictly selected traditional botanical ingredients used to improve women’s health such as polygonum multiflorum, milk vetch root, Solomon’s seal, and Rehmannia glutinosa. It improves inner circulation and skin glow, and vitalizes life by supplementing lacking ying energy for balanced ying and yang energy. It is a chewable-type pill product that can be gently consumed with oriental medicine and pomegranate aroma.

[Product composition / price] 3.75 g × 30 pills / KRW 110,000

3. VB “Yejinseng Happy Kids Set”
The set contains highly enriched red ginseng and deer antler extracts with reinforced effective compounds to help alleviate growing kids’ fatigue and enhance their immunity. It is a red ginseng product for kids that contains vitamin D, calcium, and fructooligosaccharide that help the absorption of calcium and phosphorous for the maintenance and formation of strong bones in kids. It is the first red ginseng product of Korea certified by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a product that helps promote the growth of bones in kids. Furthermore, it contains enriched fluid combining seven botanical extracts and six oriental medicine compounds, such as eucommia bark and blueberries, which help enhance concentration. The Happy Kids Set specially provides sachets for consumption for five additional days.

[Product composition/ price] 15 g × 40 sachets / KRW 90,000

Questions on the above products: 080-023-5454