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Company 2004-12-22

Aiming for the world! We are building AMOREPACIFIC with our consumers. “The third AMOREPACIFIC Prosumer Day” is celebrated on December 22nd AMOREPACIFIC will host “The 3rd Amorepafic Prosumer Day” with 150-odd representatives (Prosumers) at the head office on the 22nd of December, the month of consumers. The AMOREPACIFIC Prosumer Day, which was launched back in 2002, marks its third year. Unlike the previous years, this year will feature a Prosumer Week beginning from the 20th through 23rd with programs attended by prosumers. In the event, prosumers who were active as representatives of consumers during the last one year will be appreciated and the “Prosumer Logo”designed by prosumers themselves will be presented. Currently in AMOREPACIFIC, there are 2000-odd prosumers selected as representatives of consumers. They convey the needs of consumers as their representatives and help with product development as well as promotion. They also participate in designing the prosumer logo and AMOREPACIFIC’s environmental and ‘sharing’ movements. Behind the new development of and in all the products and services of AMOREPACIFIC lies the cooperation with its consumers, which is made possible due to the deeply rooted creed of Amorepacific that it should work together with its consumers in realizing its dream. In the future, AMOREPACIFIC plans to expand cooperation with consumers to establish a global brand with strong products. To this end, a new online prosumer site will be opened in January 2005 through which it can reach consumers in a more active and fast way as a part of AMOREPACIFIC’s efforts to become an even more honest and responsible company.