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The commemorative ceremony of the 59th anniversary of the foundation was held

Company 2004-09-03

On September 3rd, AMOREPACIFIC held a ceremony to celebrate its 59th anniversary of foundation which is on September 5th in the auditorium of the company’s head office in Yongsan, Seoul. At the 59th ceremony attended by 300 odd people- including the CEO Suh, Kyoung-bae, the presidents and executives of its affiliates, employees of its suppliers and business partners as well as expatriate employees- all the workers at AMOREPACIFIC reaffirmed their commitment to the company. During the ceremony speech, the CEO Suh, Kyoung-bae asked all employees to work hard together to make the company led by global workers, become the one that is ever innovative and the one that is loved by customers and well respected by society which can be achieved through the company’s vision for 2015 “Global Total-care Provider of Beauty & Health” proclaimed at the beginning of this year. To be able to cope with the uncertain business environment and further develop into a global corporation, the CEO stressed the importance of transparent and fair business activities in compliance with the global standard in addition to being armed with best quality goods and services for customers adding that the company will introduce the “Compliance Program” to impose self -compliance with fair trade-related laws and regulations. As a way of honoring the late founder, two of the statues of the late founder were installed at the green tea museum “O’sulloc”(On September 1st in Jeju) which embodies his passion for revitalizing and spreading the tea culture and at the AMOREPACIFIC Technology & Research Center (September 3rd in Yongin) which embodies his commitment to best quality goods with best technology.