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The 8th AMOREPACIFIC Marketing Competition Starts

Company 2012-03-16

AMOREPACIFIC (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) announces the opening of the 8th AMOREPACIFIC Marketing Competition, to search for future marketers from Korean university students and graduate students, as well as international students. The official competition website was launched on Tuesday, March 6, and entries will be processed from Monday, March 12 to Wednesday, April 25.

This year’s competition is held based on two categories, University Students (including graduate students) and International Students. The competition topic for the University Students is: ‘Proposal for Innovative Product and New Business’. Each team is expected to present their business ideas for innovative products and for new business items and its execution strategy by selecting one of AMOREPACIFIC’s brands. A total of fifty teams will be selected and will be eligible for awards. One team will be selected from the qualified teams as the Grand Prize winner, and receive a 10 million won scholarship and an internship opportunity. In addition, any Grand Prize-winning team with a senior student who will be graduating soon, he/she will be offered a special benefit (employment decision after the executive interview) in the employment application for AMOREPACIFIC’s open recruiting process.

The topic for International Students, is to propose a ‘Strategy for Global Market Entrance and Vitalization’, after selecting one of AMOREPACIFIC’s brands. This competition is open to international students studying in Korea. A total of ten teams will be awarded prizes in the International Students category and the team that wins the Grand Prize will receive a 5 million won scholarship. In addition, any Grand Prize-winning team has a senior student who will be graduating soon, he/she will receive a special benefit in the employment process (employment decision after the executive interview) as per the University Students category.

The submitted competition materials will be reviewed based on creativity, feasibility and logic, with creativity being more heavily weighted. The winning teams in each category will be provided certain scholarships according to classes, and the qualified teams will be awarded 200 thousand won worth of cosmetics sets. Team members that win the Participation Prize or better will be excluded from the application document review only in the open recruitment process during their job application to AMOREPACIFIC. A future marketer who wishes to participate in the competition should submit the online application through the official website either for as an individual or as a team with less than 3 people.

The AMOREPACIFIC Marketing Competition has been held since 2005 by AMOREPACIFIC as part of the company’s efforts to unearth future talents with fresh ideas as well as to provide opportunities for future marketers to compare their marketing planning ideas. The competition that is held every year offering various awards, including scholarships, internship opportunities and special benefits in applications for posts at AMOREPACIFIC is receiving enthusiastic responses.