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Supporting the Beautiful and Wise Dreams of the Youth

CSR 2012-07-03

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology are concluding an agreement in order to activate education donation activities and lead the way for cultivating creative young talents. The agreement was closed on June 25th at 2 p.m. at the AMOREPACIFIC Corporation head office on Hangangno, Yongsan in Seoul. Attendees of the ceremony included the President and CEO of AMOREPACIFIC, Suh Kyung-bae and the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Ju-Ho Lee. According to the agreement, AMOREPACIFIC will actively participate in education donation campaigns which provide young students with various educational campaigns such as experiential activities.

Starting with the 2012 Korean Donation for Education Exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology that was held in March, AMOREPACIFIC plans to host a wide variety of education donation campaigns. It will especially provide an education program for the youth with the theme of “beauty” and “wisdom.” Specific programs include the AMOREPACIFIC Camp that will provide the youth with a new experience of beauty with the themes of “tradition”, “modernity” and “science”, and the Jeju Green Beauty Camp where students will be able to experience in the tea garden and understand the natural beauty, environment and history of Jeju Island. In addition, AMOREPACIFIC Corporation has held a “Finding Beauty in Tradition” program on June 9 at Icheon, Gyeonggi-do intended for the children of company employees to improve the completeness of education donation programs.AMOREPACIFIC education donation programs include talent donations of the company members and education by external experts. There are also plans to execute a new method of sharing where people can tender their skills, talents, time and efforts without wanting anything in return.
Suh Kyung-bae
, the President and CEO of AMOREPACIFIC, said that “I hope our company will be able to help the youth realize their healthy and beautiful dreams by providing diverse education with our company resources.”

Furthermore, “Donation for Education”, which is led by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, is a public service campaign to cultivate future talents by directly utilizing human and material resources of companies, universities as well as public organizations in order to provide diverse educational opportunities. Students who participate in the education donation program will particularly experience an opportunity to naturally learn the spirit of consideration and sharing.