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Sulwhasoo Sales Reach 200 Billion Won

Brand 2002-11-05

Sulwhasoo the Front-Runner in Korean Oriental-Medicine Cosmetics Sulwhasoo, an oriental-medicine-based cosmetic brand of AMOREPACIFIC Corp. broke the 200 billion won annual sales mark on November 5, and is expected to post 230 billion won by the end of the year. This strong performance is proof of Sulwhasoo’s leadership in the area of oriental-medicine cosmetics in Korea and of its competitiveness against global master brands. Sulwhasoo has been developed based on a unique marketing strategy of commercializing the underlying power and beauty of the Korean culture, which has allowed it to surpass many globally competitive foreign brands armed with mass production systems. Also key to its success is the idea of providing specialized cosmetics based on Eastern philosophies and medicine. After years of ongoing research to shed light on the ingredients of oriental medicine based on the notion that “the body and the earth are one,” the company finally succeeded in scientifically capturing the pharmacological essence of the ingredients used in oriental medicine and created value out of uniquely Korean traditional beauty. Thanks to its supreme quality, Sulwhasoo has become a leader in the oriental cosmetics sector in Korea both in door-to-door sales outlets and nationwide department stores, where the fiercest battles are fought between domestic and import cosmetics. Based on the recognition that cultural contexts and backgrounds can have a greater impact than technological capabilities, Sulwhasoo has sought a new theme word from Korean culture to overcome the blind trust of Korean consumers in the brands of culturally influential countries such as France, the U.S., and Japan. The result is Sulwhasoo, which has cultivated an aura of prestige that is comparable to imported designer brands in terms of content and design. This has been accomplished by scientific formulas that capture the essence of Eastern medicine and philosophies, and elegantly designed containers inspired by the contours and image of traditional Korean skirts, with exquisite calligraphy. An official with AMOREPACIFIC Corp. observed that, “’Orientalism’ is emerging as a new key word for the global cosmetic industry, following “nature” and “environment.” He also added that “AMOREPACIFIC will not be satisfied with being the leader in the domestic oriental cosmetic market with Sulwhasoo, which is among the world’s first cosmetic brands embodying Asian values; we plan to build Sulwhasoo into a globally competitive designer brand.”