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Special Exhibition on the beauty and style of Korean women

Company 2005-10-17

In celebrating 60 years of incorporation and 40 years of normalization of diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan, AMOREPACIFIC is holding a special exhibition on the beauty and style of Korean women. The Amore Museum's collection of more then 200 relics related to Korean women culture will be displayed at the Japan Folk Crafts Museum in Tokyo from October 4th to December 20th. The exhibition displays the overall style and beauty of Korean women by arranging the relics into three categories: Personal Ornaments, Housekeeping, and Ladies' Quarters. In the Personal Ornaments section, accessories and toiletries like Norigae - pendants, Binyeo - hairpins, Jangdo - ornamental knives, Cheopji - ornamental hairpins, celadon oil bottles and dishes, etc. are displayed. In the Housekeeping section, kitchenware and household items like Buncheong bowls, white porcelain, wooden stamps for rice cakes and confectionary, Bojagi - wrapping cloths, various tables, needlework tools, ox horn rulers, etc. are displayed. As for the Ladies' Quarter section, various furniture and paintings are used to reproduce the exact appearance of the inner room during the Joseon Dynasty period. This exhibition is a special case as it is the first attempt by a Korean private museum to solely host an exhibition in Japan, and is looking forward to help the Japanese people to better understand Korean culture through the vivid traces of Korean women's lifestyle. AMOREPACIFIC is a company dedicated to valuing and developing the ancestors' deep insight for beauty and culture, and will continue to lead activities to promote Korean beauty all around the globe.