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Signing Ceremony for Cooperation With Peking University Dermatology Department

R&D 2003-07-14

The Amorepacific R&D Center held a joint research agreement signing ceremony in China at the “Clinic Center Conference Hall” of Peking University First Hospital to develop “whitening substance” together with Peking University Dermatology Department. The main theme of the joint research project is to develop new raw material for use in making whitening substance, which is the biggest issue for Chinese consumers. This will be done by using the whitening substance research system certified by the Amorepacific R&D Center to study natural ingredients originating from Chinese medicine for use as raw materials for whitening substance. This signing ceremony is predicted to enable Amorepacific, a representative Korean cosmetics firm, to expand its market share in China, raise sales volume in its Chinese branch firm, increase its brand power, acquire a mid- and long-term Chinese research partner, and develop raw materials for whitening substances.