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Second O’Sulloc Tea House open at the Gangnam Subway Station

Brand 2004-10-29

AMOREPACIFIC will open another tea house with its well-being brand of Sulloc tea at the Gangnam Subway Station on October 29th, titled as the “Inter- city tea garden for relaxation and culture”. The second tea house will be opened six months after the first tea house. The “O’sulloc Tea House” was launched in Myong-dong last April as part of its diversification of the health business. AMOREPACIFIC expects its tea houses will bring to the customers who are steeped with instant beverages like coke and coffee fresh opportunities to relish the taste of the healthy mind and body through the unique “tea culture” of the “O’Sulloc Tea House”. Percussionist musical group Nanta will offer a performance to celebrate the opening of the second “O’Sulloc Tea House” on October 29th and October 30th, two times a day (13:00, 17:00). And, 10,000 customers will be selected for free-stylish mugs. ”The “O’sulloc Tea House” with an image of a fresh tea garden will be established as a cultural area offering a rich and peaceful mind for city dwellers living under a lot of stress”, noted Kang, Tak-jung, the Director of the Health Marketing Division at AMOREPACIFIC. He also said, “From the perspective of a “well-being food” specialist, the company continues to develop new green tea-based foods which can be enjoyed by everybody regardless of gender and age. After declaring the vision for 2015 which was “Global Total-care Provider of Beauty & Health” at the opening ceremony for the new year, AMOREPACIFIC launched the “O’sulloc Tea House” business as a part of its diversification of the health business. The first tea house”O’sulloc Tea House” at Myong-dong attracted more than 1000 customers a day on average within six months since it was opened last April establishing itself as a new landmark. In particular, AMOREPACIFIC sees a high business potential in the fact that more than 90% of the customers at the tea house are in their 20’s and it plans to expand the business into the areas in which the large female population in their 20’s and 30’s tend to gather.