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Pink Ribbon Campaigns for October, Internationally Recognized Breast Cancer Month

CSR 2005-10-17

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of incorporation, AMOREPACIFIC expanded its pink ribbon activities to a nationwide scale to promote women's health and increase breast cancer awareness. Recognizing the serious dangers of breast cancer and the importance of early prevention, AMOREPACIFIC involved itself with various promotion activities such as open classes and free breast cancer examinations together with the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation. KBCF, founded in September 2000, is Korea's first breast cancer related foundation sponsored by AMOREPACIFIC. Also, AMOREPACIFIC appointed well-known celebrities like Young-Ae Lee and Na-Young Lee as spokespersons to arouse people's attention to breast cancer, and is hosting marathon races in a relay format (Busan-Gwangju-Daejeon-Daegu-Seoul) to create a nationwide Pink Ribbon boom. Cosmetics brands under AMOREPACIFIC's umbrella are also participating in the Pink Ribbon campaigns. ‘Mamonde' and ‘Verite' launched special sets with the Pink Ribbon theme, and provided free breast cancer examinations to selected customers, and together with ‘Hera' contributed a portion of earnings to KBCF. ‘Innisfree' offered breast cancer examinations to the customers by preparing a ‘mammo-bus,' a bus equipped with breast cancer examination equipments. On another hand, AMOREPACIFIC's flagship stores The Amore Gallery and The Amore Star decorated itself in pink, and will be promoting breast cancer awareness by offering free breast cancer examinations and self-check cards to visitors during the month of October. Also, together with five leading fashion designers Young-Hee Lee, Kwang-Hee Lee, Ook-Joon Jeong, Ja-In Song, Andy & Depp, AMOREPACIFIC is hosting the ‘Pink Ribbon Scarf Design Exhibition' until October 15th. The five designers have illustrated their own concept of scarves inspired by the Pink Ribbon symbol. Only a limited number of scarves will be available for sale, and all earnings are to be contributed to KBCF.