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Pink Ribbon campaign launched

CSR 2004-10-01

The Pink Ribbon campaign for women’s beauty, health, and freedom. The Pink Ribbon campaign will be launched by the Korea Breast Health Foundation (KBHF) during the month of October for one month. KBHK, founded under the mission of the beautiful and healthy future for women hosts various events including nation-wide breast cancer lectures, free health checkups, the Pink Ribbon Love Marathon, and the Pink Ribbon charity concert. To remember the month of Breast Cancer of October, the Pink Ribbon campaign will be launched worldwide as part of breast cancer prevention efforts. For its part, KBHF is planning various events and programs including awareness campaigns against breast cancer with an aim of strengthening individuals’ breast cancer prevention efforts and emphasizing the importance of early check up for breast health. Those campaigns are designed to encourage the participation of women themselves which is critical for the nation which ranks 1st in breast cancer incidence. The Pink Ribbon Love Marathon The “2004 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon Contest” will be held so that people can reaffirm their love for their families on Sunday, October 17th, simultaneously in Seoul (The World Cup Park in Sangam-dong) and in Daegu (The Daegu World Cup Field). The Pink Ribbon Love Marathon held by KBHF in every October will mark the 4th year. As a distinctive marathon contest focused on women and the family, the campaign has the objective of improving anti-breast cancer efforts nationwide with the symbol of pink ribbon. The Pink Ribbon Love Marathon will be established as a major marathon event for females and the whole amount of the participation fees will be contributed to the foundation as in the previous years. For registration The Pink Ribbon Charity Concert The Pink Ribbon Charity Concert, first held successfully in 2003 will be held on a wider scale in Seoul (On October 24th at the Korea Electric Art Center) and Busan (On October 25th at the Busan Citizens’ Center). The German quintet jazz group ‘Saltachello’, jazz singer Yoon, Hui-jung , singer Yoo, Yeol, who will double as M.C., will play at the concert. As in the marathon contest, all the ticket sales revenue will go to the foundation. Also all the contributed goods from sponsors (AMOREPACIFIC’s cosmetics, Ralph Lauren T- shirts, music CD’s and so on) will be offered at the charity bazaar with the whole proceeds going to the foundation. For ticket purchase: / Health education courses to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention For three weeks beginning from October 4th, the Pink Ribbon Public Health Course will be open to raise the attention to breast cancer as well as to increase the awareness of the need for an early breast cancer exam. It will be held at 50 breast cancer-specializing hospitals and clinics across the nation. It will be organized by the Korea Breast Cancer Institute and will be sponsored by the foundation. Free breast cancer exam In addition, free breast cancer examinations will be offered to 1000 local low-income people during the same period. Not only for the seniors and the disabled at social work facilities and institutions, but also for women in rural areas, the free breast check up service will be provided at foundation-designated hospitals and moving exam vehicles. In particular, the ultrasonographic exam and other detailed exams will be offered for those who were reported with abnormality. The Korea Breast Health Foundation, the first breast cancer foundation of the nation, was established in September 2000 with the contribution from AMOREPACIFIC, a corporation which aims for females’ beauty and health. It works toward increasing females’ attention to the importance of regular exams to prevent and cure breast cancer at early stage. It endeavors to construct a beautiful and healthy future for women.