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Paper by a Researcher at AmorePacific Selected as ‘People who Bring Great Honor to Korea’

R&D 2010-07-02

A paper written by Jin-Seob Shin, a researcher (primary author) of Skin Care Research Team 2 at the Cosmetics Technology Institute, and Dr. Jin-Woong Kim (corresponding author) from Materials Research Team of the Institute of AmorePacific was selected in the section of ‘People who Bring Great Honor to Korea’ by Biology Research Information Center (BRIC). 
BRIC is an organization funded and established by National Research Foundation of Korea and Pohang University of Science and Technology in 1996 to secure national competitiveness in the field of biotechnology. ‘People who Bring Great Honor to Korea’ by BRIC is a program designed to inform domestic researchers of outstanding papers by Korean scientists published in key scientific journals abroad. 
The said paper was published on ‘Advanced Materials’ as of February 9 this year under the topic Non-invasive Transdermal Delivery Route Using Electrostatically Interactive Biocompatible Nanocapsules. It highlights a series of processes which significantly increased the absorption rate of some skin-effective ingredients when they are put into bio-friendly nanocapsules and applied on skin. For this research, the surface of the capsules was treated by transforming the electrostatic property, and took advantage of the electrostatic interaction which took place when the capsules touched the skin. 
In particular, this paper is significant in that it proposed a direction in providing a solution to the problem that, despite the excellent efficacy of raw materials themselves, it was difficult for them to fulfill such efficacy due to the low absorption rate when applied in actual products. AmorePacific plans to have this technology implemented on the raw materials and applied in their products in the future. 
AmorePacific is also continuing to make an effort to develop materials and their forms in order that they can deliver good ingredients to the skin more efficienctly. AmorePacific has already obtained the grand prize at the Dongam Cosmetics Scientist Awards in April 2009 after developing a drug delivery system that shows selective penetrability using colloidal assembly technology. In December 2008, they received the New Excellent Technology (NET) certification after developing the ‘Manufacturing Technology for Ceramides Containing Pseudo Lamellar Body for Skin Application.