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Opened 2010 Journey to Beauty: springs, creeks, rivers and oceans

CSR 2010-11-23

The program was planned to share the corporate calling of, as the three neighboring oceans become one, disseminate the Asian beauty to the world. AmorePacific, under the theme of East Sea, ran the old roads of Kang-reung from Ohdae mountain.  This year, under the theme of South Sea, 1,000 employees have run Seokwang Tea Garden and Jeju Ole Road and Halla mountain. 

On the 22 when the program started, AmorePacific employees ran all course excluding 2 routes which circumvent the island among roads in Jeju Olle road in groups. All employees experienced the sights of Jeju island and had time to share what they saw.  On 23, they climbed up Halla mountain’s Orimok/Young-shil-bang Road and went to see O’Sulloc Tea Museum and Seokwang Tea Garden. The employees had time to share the process of promulgating tea culture to the public for the past 30 years. 

AmorePacific CEO Suh said, “There were our ancestors who made the barren land into a beautiful tea garden filled with greens. They had a belief of proliferating our tea culture that was beneficial to them. I hope you will have changes to remember our calling and carry it out by walking around the garden where their passion was bloom.”

Meanwhile, during the event in Jeju Island, AmorePacific and Jeju Techno Park joined the business convention to implement “Jeju natural resource conservation and cosmetics materials and products development.  At 5:00 PM on 23, at the convention ceremony taking place on the 2nd floor of Jeju Techno Park, chairman Kang of Jeju Techno Park and chairman Hak-hee Kang of APTL will be present.Through the conclusion of the convention, AmorePacific will excavate the rare resources in Jeju and research jointly on their efficacies.  In addition, the company will strengthen the cooperation and economic development in Jeju. 

Jeju has special meaning to AmorePacific.  Founder Suh entered the business with the calling of green tea business against the social notion and oppositions with the mind of reviving the tea culture.  To do this, we visited many sites to cultivate quality green tea, Jeju island was selected as it had optimum conditions.  However, in 1970’s Jeju land was abandoned and filled with pebbles and rocks.  The company created a tea garden after painful process of leveling the ground and removing rocks.  Especially for Seokwang Tea Garden, everyone said it would be impossible to create a garden but he created the world’s biggest green tea garden, which gives the place a special meaning. 

[Note] Origin of “Journey to Beauty, Spring, Stream, River and Ocean

The name was derived from a small store in Kaesong where Camellia oil was manufactured became the big ocean of AmorePacific, which is deeply related to the history of the company.  Since the beginning, AmorePacific had a firm vision to contribute to humankind who strive to live beautifully and healthy o the countries in the world over the ocean.  In 1946, founder Suh visited China and returned to Kaesong where he changed the store name to “Taepyungyang Store” due to this reason. Also, last 2006, when we reorganized the company system, we changed the brand name AMORE to AmorePacific by combining the company spirit Pacific and representing brand Amore to sustain our calling and founding spirit. 

[Note] Jeju Techno Park

Jeju island has promoted industrial development by appointing health and beauty business as a strategic business.  Among them, Jeju Techno Park operates cosmetics plants and materials plants to support companies related to cosmetics industry.  Especially, Jeju Institute of Research on Biological Diversity operated by Jesu Techno Park plays a pivotal role to cosmetics industry development in Jeju island by spurring on product development and joint research with other companies in the industry as well as basic industrial research and bio material excavation in Jeju island.