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New establishment of world-class green plant in Osan city

Company 2010-06-28

AMOREPACIFIC Corp. (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) plans to make enormous investment (totaling 300 billion won) in establishing its integrated Supply Chain Management (SCM) station (site area: 224,400.5 m2, construction area: 89,009.27 m2) by 2011, which will be equipped with global best quality of production, logistics and eco-friendliness. 
AmorePacific's decision to new establishment of integrated SCM station in Osan city aims to effectively cope with its ever-expanding global business toward its mid-term vision of global top 10 cosmetics maker with sales revenue totaling 5 trillion won in 2015. 
New station will be a world-class facility enabling it to have enormous annual manufacturing capacity of 15,000 tons and daily shipping capacity of 60,000 boxes. Moreover, it is designed to acquire a flexible production system empowering an agile response to changing customer climate, and an adoption of safety-control in product plan to boost more trust for customers. To achieve this, the new base has been planned to have cell production system and flexible manufacturing facility, pilot laboratory and production line - supporting in product idea innovation and pilot production - and organic low-preservative production system to be a reinforced Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) environment. It will be constructed as a green-friendly plant with energy-saving design, alternative energy facilities (including solar power generator, energy winner facilities, etc.), and an ecological park. So the creation of this new station is expected to reduce CO2 emission and save water used up during the production process. Also, as part of the company's effort to create a stronger channel for communicating with customers, it will operate various participatory and experience programs, including its Corporate Museum and DIY day for cosmetics manufacturing, etc.
Meanwhile, AMOREPACIFIC Corp. will hold a ground-breaking ceremony for construction of Osan Integrated SCM Station (located in Regional Industrial Complex, Gajang-dong, Osan, Gyeon-gi province) in the presence of Mr. Suh Kyung-bae, CEO, AmorePacific, Mr. Lee Ki-Ha, Mayor of Osan city, and other interested parties and over 400 local inhabitants on this May 13. 
AmorePacific plans to leverage eco-friendly Osan Integrated SCM Station as a hub of its global production and logistics to improve its responsiveness to rapidly changing overseas markets and prepare a foundation for sustainable management on global standards. And it has a great ambition to grow this integrated station on the best class in scale and technology around the world till it becomes a cradle of Asian esthetics as well as a Mecca for world cosmetics production beyond Asia.