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New 60, New Start = Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Incorporation

Company 2005-09-06

A commemorative ceremony was held at AMOREPACIFIC's Learning & Development Center on September 5th to celebrate the company's 60th anniversary of incorporation. More than 500 people, including the CEO and staff, business acquaintances, and cooperative firms participated in the auspicious event to pledge another successful sixty years of cruise. Furthermore, more from overseas attended the ceremony compared with other years, making this a very significant event. The ceremony looked back at the past sixty years, and welcomed the first step into the new future. The ceremony started with the 'Welcoming & Commemoration Chapter' where the participants saluted to the glorious sixty years of excellence, and planted a commemorative tree with the commitment of building a brighter future. Artist Sang-Gyoon Noh's work of art representing the corporate culture of creating and leading Beauty was also exhibited. During the 'History and Resolution Chapter,' the History Book of AMOREPACIFIC, containing the founder's spirit and many AMOREPACIFIC members' innovative efforts towards become a global company, was presented. Soon after, a short movie on Sixty Years of Challenges and Pioneers was put on the screen. It included important historical events such as major achievements and developments of the company in chronicle order. Special Achievement Award, Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Performance Award was rewarded to associates and high performing business partners rendering distinguished services and performances. Declaration of the slogan ‘New 60, New Start,’ which implies writing of a new sixty-year history, was followed by the vision statement to become a global top 10 company. The slogan ‘New 60, New Start’ contains the determination of all members of AMOREPACIFIC to achieve another level of excellence in the intensifying global arena, by realizing the importance of customer values before anything else, and with the global vision of promoting the world’s beauty and health. A choir comprised of our associates sang the vision motto together during the 'Celebrating in Harmony Chapter' to emphasize that today's members of AMOREPACIFIC are the main drivers who will lead us into realizing our vision. In addition, AMOREPACIFIC held a dinner reception to commemorate the 60th anniversary at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Main participants, including the CEO and the representatives of affiliates and customers, confirmed their will to accompany each other to achieve the new vision by digitally collecting their handprints. The celebration continued with shows on AMOREPACIFIC's products and the corresponding fashion trend in the past, reproducing that era's music, clothes, and makeup.