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MANSTUDIO – Korea’s First Total Grooming Shop for Men

Brand 2010-07-02

The so-called groomers – men who put a lot of effort into their appearances – are not the only main consumers of cosmetic products. Now general male population is also becoming the main consumers in cosmetic consumption. Though there are a growing number of men who look for cosmetics suitable for them and want to take care of their skin and appearance by themselves, not relying on their mothers’, wives’ or sisters’ cosmetics, they often feel uncomfortable at general cosmetics shops for women or at department stores. "We want to create a place for male customers where we can reduce their discomfort in taking care of themselves and help them find their own unique styles," Jung-Sik Lim, a team leader at AmorePacific, said regarding the opening of MANSTUDIO. "Considering the present growth of this male market, it will attract more attention from them in the future." 
With airplanes and car engines displayed right from the entrance, distinguishing itself from the conventional beauty shop concept, the MANSTUDIO has a masculine, garage-like feel. This multi-faceted studio offers customers 1:1 customized counseling with grooming coordinators and allows them to experience everything in grooming all in one place, from skin and scalp care to self-grooming methods. MANSTUDIO’s ‘5 Solution Programs’ for men, which offers solutions by categorizing the different types of men’s skin, helps customers receive recommendations on the choice of cosmetics according to their skin type. This allows them to find the optimal products suitable for themselves regardless of their age and skin type. 
Want to Restore Your Confidence? 
Location: Exit 5 from the Hongik University Station -> 50m towards Hongik University and on the left (1st Floor, 346-40, Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu) 
               TEL: 02-322-4728 
               Business Hours: Mon. – Sun. 09:30 AM - 11:00 PM 
               Information: AmorePacific Call Center: 080-023-5454 
** Brands for Men at MANSTUDIO 
1. Sulhwasoo Jungyang 2. HERA Homme 3. Verite Men 4. Lirikos Homme 
5. Lolita Lempicka Homme 6. Laneige Hommes 7. IOPE for Men 8. Odyssey 
9. Mamonde 10. MIRAEPA 11. Miss QUENAM 12. Mise en Scene Men 
** Key Products at MANSTUDIO 
1. Laneige Homme Sun Block Lotion SPF 50+ PA+++ [60ml / About 20,000 Won] 
SPF50+ PA+++ UV block color lotion that covers pores and blemishes on the face without sticking 
2. HERA Homme Magic Skin Essence [50ml / About 45,000 Won] 
Hydrating essence that replenishes the exhausted skin with moisture and maintains hydration 
3. Sulhwasoo Jungyang (精養) Cream [40ml/About 100,000] 
Anti-aging cream that reduces wrinkles and refines the skin for a more refreshed look 
4. Mise en Scene Power Swing Ultra Hold S7 [85g / About 9,000 Won] 
Hair product that refines the hair into a tidy and classy style with the combined benefits of wax and gel 
5. IOPE for Men Power-Aging Pro Retinol [60ml / About 55,000 Won] 
Functional anti-wrinkle essence for men that contains stabilized pure pro retinol to reduce the appearance of fine lines 
** Grooming Programs at MANSTUDIO
BASIC SKIN CARE [About 15,000 Won / 30 min.] 
Treatment service through Checking Skin Texture – Cleansing – Deep Cleansing – Masks - Finish 
BASIC SCALP CARE [About 15,000 Won / 30 min.] 
Scalp scaling and exfoliating service through Measuring Scalp – Scaling – Steamer – Shampoo - Finish 
SPECIAL SOLUTION & RELAX SKIN CARE [About 25,000 Won / 60 min.] 
Checking Skin Texture – Cleansing – Deep Cleansing – Facial Solution Care – Masks & Shoulder Manual Techniques - Finish 
SPECIAL SOLUTION & RELAX SCALP CARE [About 25,000 Won / 60 min.] 
Checking Scalp – Scaling – Steamer - Shampoo - Extract & Scalp Manual Technique - Finish 
PACKAGE PROGRAM [About 20,000 Won - 40,000 Won / 40 – 90 min.] 
Customized multiple care for skin and scalp 
* Other customized services for men available.