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Management Policy of AMOREPACIFIC in 2004

Company 2004-01-02

Fast & Focus - Secure Preceding Power and Focus on Core Capability! One feature of management environment in 2004 is uncertainty. For a lot of factors surrounding management environment such as the mind of consumption, view of economy and politics are changing unexpectedly, and the competitors also attempt to change rapidly. In the mid of this uncertain management environment, AMOREPACIFIC set the management policy of year 2004 as Fast & Focus in order to correspond to the change of customers and market, focus on strategies and capability, and renovate the value of customers. We are going to reform all programs of managing cycle, improve for operation of managing cycle in global enterprise level, and concentrate on resources and capability in more competitive markets and categories that we will make every effort in attainment to the constantly beneficiary growth. To solidify the foundation for creation of benefit by growth and investment for new growth AMOREPACIFIC will practice the management policy Fast & Focus during one year of 2004.