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Mamonde Re-Introduced in China

Brand 2005-05-20

AMOREPACIFIC is reinforcing its global presence in China by introducing Mamonde products identical to those distributed in Korea. Mamonde is a cosmetics brand which is gaining fame as a ‘cosmetics containing the life force of nature which makes beautiful flowers bloom.’ Mamonde received a face-lift in 2002, but the products that had been in distribution through more than 500 specialty stores in China since 1997 were the former versions. Since launch, Mamonde have been receiving much love from the Chinese customers who demanded high-quality products. In order to repay for the customer’s love and to attract more customers, the Mamonde brand is attempting an eye-catching transformation. Starting this year, Mamonde products identical to those distributed in Korea are manufactured at the Shanghai factory. The Mamonde brand is now being distributed through more than 10 counters at major department stores across China, and plans to continuously expand its number of department store counters while reintroducing the products into the specialty channel. The newly-launched Mamonde brand received much applause from the participants and buyers at the 9th China International Beauty & Cosmetics Expo, which was held from May 11th to May 14th at the Shanghai New International Exposition Center.