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Launching of AMOREPACIFIC’s Brand Shop: ‘Innisfree Herb Station’

Brand 2005-12-12

For the first time in the company’s 60-year history, AMOREPACIFIC is introducing a brand shop exclusive for one of its brands, Innisfree. The launching of the ‘Innisfree Herb Station’ is to nurture the brand into a major naturalism brand by expanding its customer base - customers in the 20s - by extending into a distribution network where these customers can easily access. The store will be decorated in line with its ‘European herbal cosmetics’ concept to exhibit the brand’s universe, and will act as a new link between the brand and the customers. As the store represents the brand’s unique ‘naturalism lifestyle,’ the store will be shelved with more than 650 various products employing herbal ingredients from Provence; from skin-care products to make-up, body-care, hair-care, men’s grooming, etc. And as the brand store targets customers in the 20s, the products will differ from those targeting customers in the 30s currently being distributed through the discount stores. After opening the first store in Myung Dong district, store expansion will continue in 2006 into major commercial areas. AMOREPACIFIC is targeting to set up a limited number of shops totaling 100 by the end of 2006, while making up for any weaknesses and strengthening its advantages. Differentiated monthly promotion activities and new product launches every turning of the season will assist in enhancing the brand’s image and derive the franchisees’ success. Innisfree has been gaining much popularity since its launch in January 2000, as Korea’s first naturalism cosmetics brand, using natural herbal ingredients and environment-friendly packaging. The brand also engaged itself by holding various herb-related activities and campaigns to preserve the environment, which gained much attention from the customers in the 20s. And today, Innisfree is competing with other global brands such as Aveda and Origins in China with its 11 department store counters since November 2004.