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LANEIGE selected as the best color makeup for women; SulWhaSoo, the best basic cosmetics

Brand 2003-04-14

In the fifth survey of the Korea Brand Power Index K-BPI) conducted by Korea Management Association Consulting, LANEIGE captured the top spot for brand power in women’s color makeup, SulWhaSoo in women’s basic cosmetics and Odyssey in men’s cosmetics The survey has been held every year since 1999 to promote the quantitative growth of Korean industry and to encourage Korean companies to develop world-class brands with international competitiveness. Under the brand power assessment model developed by Korea Management Association Consulting, individual product brands in 200 industrial categories of Korean industries are surveyed to assess the competitive brand power of Korea’s industries. LANEIGE, which ranked the top position in the category of women’s color makeup, is a brand that has enjoyed great popularity since it was first introduced to the market in 1994. The brand has since unveiled numerous products through continued development of new technology. Amore Pacific Co. Ltd. has developed a wide array of products through exhaustive analysis of customer preference conducted through interactive marketing enabling the customers to try the product firsthand. Its world-renowned research and development strategies along with customer-focused marketing activities has enabled the company to record annual