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IOPE Air Cushion Sets Highest Sales Growth in Record-breaking Time Through Technological Innovations

Brand 2012-08-02

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation's (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) functional cosmetics brand IOPE has set the highest sales growth in record-breaking time for a single product in the brand's history with the innovative pact-type UV block Air Cushion (50 billion KRW / In suggested retail price as of July 12, 2012).With one product being sold every 30 seconds since it was launched back in 2008, it has achieved a tenfold growth in sales over the past 4 years. Furthermore, with the Korean Patent (No. 10-1159877) for the fundamental technology behind Air Cushion Sunblock being acquired this June,  IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock has secured exclusive rights in the sunblock market and strengthened its position as a high-tech and innovative make-up product.

This is a result that was achieved through AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center's will to provide safe and outstanding products to customers through innovative technologies. The IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock is the industry's first stamp-type sunblock that was created through innovative technologies and an understanding of customers' needs. In 2007, before IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock was launched, customers complained that existing products in the UV block market were difficult to apply and tended to smear. And that's the reason why AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center started focusing on developing a light, easy-to-apply formula that is suitable for wearing on top of other make-up and doesn't smear. The key to the “smear-free liquid” was inspired by a “parking validation stamp” that doesn't smear and maintains an even level of thickness. AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center then focused on developing an optimal sponge for containing this smear-free liquid, and the IOPE Air Cushion was released onto the market by bringing together the company's technological innovations and know-how.

The IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock includes a formulation technology that stabilizes liquid, a technology for holding cold, air-containing essence in a cooling sponge, a technology that prevents smearing and enables smear-free reapplication with an air-pump effect every time the cushion comes in contact with the skin, a technology for preventing the destruction of effective substances with a cooling container that isolates heat transfer, and a dual-layer design with an outstanding seal for preventing evaporation. Through these technological innovations, AMOREPACIFIC Corporation has 21 patents pending and 5 patents registered in Korea and 3 PCT patents pending for technologies related to IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock.

Offering UV protection, whitening and make-up effects as well as a smear-free reapplication, IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock has recorded the highest sales for a single product in AMOREPACIFIC's make-up product line. It is a mega best-seller, with one product being sold every 30 seconds since its launch. Furthermore, it has demonstrated a tenfold growth in sales over the past 4 years.

Chief Technology Officer Hak-hee Kang of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center says that "IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock is an innovative product developed through extensive trial and error, to meet the customer's needs. Research labs at numerous overseas competitors are now looking into Air Cushion. The AMOREPACIFIC Corporation will continue to spearhead the development of innovative technologies for its customers."

[Product Summary]
IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX SPF50+ PA+++ (15g*2/About 38,000 KRW)
A 4-in-1 stamp-type cushion sunblock with a whitening, cooling, UV protection and make-up foundation affect. The over 35% hydro mineral water substance renders the skin moist and smooth. It can be worn over make-up to protect the skin from UV rays throughout the day.