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Indelible Recording of 63 Years' Journey to Beauty

Company 2010-06-28

AmorePacific (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) published a book under the title of "Journey to Beauty, Spring, Stream, River and Ocean" which tells of their 63-year-long history. 
This book was born after two years of planning, writing and editing. It tells the story of the challenges and passions of AmorePacific, which has created a history with of new concept of beauty for women in Korea. It was written after thorough historical research including numerous interviews and collection of extensive data, etc. 
The title "Journey to Beauty, Spring, Stream, River and Ocean" means that a spring at a small store in Gaeseong, which sold camellia oil, has grown into an ocean named AmorePacific today. This 680-page book consists of Chapter 1 Journey to Ocean, Chapter 2 Brand Story and an Appendix that contains a variety of data and information. Journey to Ocean chronologically describes all of the challenges and activities that AmorePacific has experienced. So one can find the details on the past activities and conditions of the company as well as the many dramatic stories told by the former and past executives and employees who have long worked for the company. In the Brand Story chapter, one sees how the brands such as Sulhwasoo, Laneige and MaMonde, etc. were created, and one can also get to know what philosophy each brand follows. 
AmorePacific published this book to look back on what chairman Suh Sung-whan has said and to encourage all of the executives and employees of the company to make more of an effort to accomplish the goal of becoming one of the top ten global companies in 2015. At that time, the chairman announced that he would communicate with the world by creating the beauty that only AmorePacific can make. AmorePacific expects that this history book will act as “a collective memory” that remains on the minds of their people, serving as a good stepping stone for them to naturally come to understand the culture of the company and to create new innovations. 
President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae, said, in the president’s message in celebration of this book, "It’s been over 60 years since we began to write the history of Health and Beauty." At the moment that a small sign was hung at a store in Gaeseong with “Taepyungyang” (“Pacific” in Korean) written on it,, the founder probably dreamed of “the world”. And this dream comes true under the name of AmorePacific throughout the world even beyond China, France and USA.” 
When publishing it, AmorePacific concentrated on making this book interesting to the general reading audience, beyond the formal type of a company history book. In addition, it contains various pictures, graphs, and appendices for good reference. AmorePacific used eco-friendly printing paper and soybean oil ink to meet the environmental standard we have pursued. 
It is expected that this book, which can be called the modern history of Korean cosmetics beyond the history of a company, will be given to our executives and employees and donated to about 200 libraries and universities and colleges around the country and enjoyed by all those interested.