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Inchon Distribution Center Opening

Company 2003-09-02

Taking Charge of Supply in Seoul Metropolitan Area, Supply Competitiveness Enhanced A new Amorepacific distribution center has opened. The Inchon Distribution Center held its dedication ceremony on 2 September 2003. Its construction had begun in September last year and after 11 months of construction the center raised the distribution competitiveness of Amorepacific by covering the distribution in Kangpuk and Suwon and metropolitan Seoul area, especially the western sector. The importance of distribution competitiveness is ever growing as a part of corporate competitiveness as the Digital Era has arrived in Korea. The business environment is changing at a rapid pace and the need for spontaneous reaction for meeting customer satisfaction is growing. Amorepacific has opened the Inchon Distribution Center to meet this need for a more efficient distribution service. Inchon Distribution Center is located in Inchon, Suh-ku, Kajwa-dong on a flat land of 4,000 pyong, which contains a two-story building with a floor space of 2,000 pyong. The first floor houses the warehouse for storage and provision, rack storage room, office and computer room, and the second floor is divided into the conference room, electric and machinery room, cafeteria, and miscellaneous welfare facilities. The racks come in two types, the pallet rack, where boxes can be stored, and the angle rack, where unit goods are stored. This makes large-scale distribution of daily goods convenient. Inchon distribution center serves as a base of distribution for Kangpuk, Suwon and metropolitan Seoul area. Inchon distribution center seeks to better serve the marts whose supply conditions are complicated. By increasing efficiency through using the distribution know-how accumulated over a long time the center seeks to serve as a vanguard for pulling the firm into the global era.