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Improving Global R&D Competitiveness through Skin Research among Chinese Women

R&D 2011-02-22

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (CEO Suh Kyung-bae) held a two-day "AP China Dermatologist Committee for Asian Beauty Creator Launching and Workshop" event in Shanghai, China on the 11th. Through joint research with Chinese women's skin experts, and by increasing communication with Chinese customers and strengthening R&D competitiveness, it will continue to fulfill its role as the "Asian Beauty Creator."

The AP China Dermatologist Committee for Asian Beauty Creator appointed the heads of dermatology from hospitals in China's six key locations (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu, and Wuhan.) They are all dermatologists who are certified by China's State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) to perform clinical trials, and are the top experts in Chinese customer skin research.  AMOREPACIFIC Corporation plans to lay the foundations for success in China by performing professional, in-depth studies into Chinese customers' skin in collaboration with them.

Meanwhile, at this workshop, AMOREPACIFIC introduced its technology capabilities, and discussed an overview of Chinese skin research. In addition, research has been expanded to categories such as the skin characteristics, hair characteristics, skin sensitivity, and behavior and beauty treatments of Chinese women, who are affected by the dry climate of the Chinese mainland. Each study was discussed in depth.

Han-Gon Kim, Senior Manager of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation Skin Research Institute noted that "through research on Chinese women's skin, we aim to communicate with Chinese customers and develop technologies that reflect the needs of global customers. Also, this research will lay the groundwork for AMOREPACIFIC Corporation to make strategic inroads into the Chinese market."

Earlier, AMOREPACIFIC Corporation had successfully made inroads into the Chinese market with the premium brand "LANEIGE", through communication with its customers. A marketing strategy involving three years of market research and consumer research involving 3,500 people was used, followed by limited marketing through department stores. Based on this background, the "LANEIGE" brand has been targeting the Chinese market in earnest since September 2002. There are now "LANEIGE" stores operating in Shanghai's high-end Parkson (百盛) and Pacific (太平洋) department stores, as well as around 200 department stores in 60 major cities.