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Dream 2.0 Customer Communications for Beauty!

Company 2010-07-02

On April 12, AmorePacific (CEO Gyeong-Bae Seo) opened an online hub of customer communication AmorePacific Members ( to provide customers with a variety of health and beauty contents and membership services. 
The most visible feature in this site is the expansion of customer participation contents and the integration of customer-oriented contents to strengthen communication with customers. First of all, AmorePacific provides them with upgraded health and beauty contents such as a makeup simulator service and an online Q&A service, etc. in which customers can participate with the company, and they have a health and beauty community where customers can produce and share information between them. In this way, AmorePacific tries to upgrade customer experience. And they have product or event information from a variety of their brands arranged in a single place. They made it easy for customers to enjoy many more benefits by integrating the existing Beauty Point membership program with the online Beauty-On-Points program. 
AmorePacific’s Member site has five main menus such as Have Great Fun, Full of Events, Know AmorePacific, Communicate Together, and About Membership. 
In the Have Great Fun menu, one can find useful and exciting health and beauty contents such as a makeup simulator service and an online Q&A service, etc. At the makeup simulator service, one can apply makeup on one’s own image or on a model image, as well as learn about AmorePacific products regarding the makeup applied in the simulation. At the online Q&A service, one can enter details regarding one’s skin, body and hair in the form online, and AmorePacific will provide solutions based on their diagnosis. In the Full of Events menu, one can find on/offline event information from a variety of AmorePacific brands in a single place. In the Know AmorePacific menu, one can find the products one wants from all of AmorePacific brands more quickly and easily. In the Communicate Together menu, one can share opinions on makeup or skin care tips freely. In the Meet Membership menu, one can learn about AmorePacific membship benefits through About Membership, Membership Grades and Point Information, etc. as well as how to use the point card. 
As one accumulates Beauty-On-Points by leaving comments, reviews and writings for the community and becoming an online VIP, one can convert one’s Beauty Points, by the thousands, to into AmorePacific products at their stores. 
By July 4, AmorePacific will provide general visitors and those who sign up for membership with various products and additional Beauty-On-Points. In May, AmorePacific will hold a month-long event called ‘Makeup Queen Contest’ targeting their customers who experience their makeup simulator services. For more information on events, please visit the AmorePacific Members site. Park Soo Kyung, director of Customer Support at AmorePacific, said, “In the web 2.0 era, we have come to open the AmorePacific Members site as an attempt at wider and more in-depth communication with our customers. AmorePacific will keep listening to their customers and providing their health and beauty contents and membership benefits that reflect their customers’ needs in order to contribute to their efforts to keep their health and beauty.
On the other hand, with the members site open, the preexisting site that used the domain of the present members site will now use as its domain.
Note – About AmorePacific Beauty Points
Beauty Points is the integrated points (mileage) system for AmorePacific members, so one can accumulate 5% of the total purchase (3% for INNISFREE) as points when buying products. In the AmorePacific membership system, one can sign up for the membership and use the membership points at any AmorePacific store, such as department stores, marts, Aritaum, INNISFREE, O’sulloc, Estherapy, etc. In the Beauty Point system, one point is the monetary equivalent of one won, and can be redeemed from 3,000 points on. (They can't used in combination with cash or credit cards.) Also AmorePacific customers can view their Beauty Points at the AmorePacific website or each brand’s website.