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Doubling Donations with the 'Matching Gift Program'

CSR 2007-02-05

AMOREPACIFIC’s Matching Gift Program, an efficient way to link AMOREPACIFIC with many nonprofit organizations, is a system where the Company makes additional donation equaling the amount donated by the employees. Mr. Suh Kyung-bae made his fourth private donation to UNICEF this year, and with the Matching Gift Program, a total of KRW 300 mn was delivered to the Korean Committee for UNICEF. This donation will be used for aiding the North Korean children with the North Korean Health Department. Additionally, members of AMOREPACIFIC will be visiting various welfare facilities prior to the Lunar New Year holidays. This activity has been held annually, and is the 17th this year. The total donation amount, totaling KRW 165 mn, includes the accumulated ‘woo-soo-ri,’ a collection of all employees’ monthly salary below KRW 1,000, and the additional amount by the Company with the Matching Gift Program. AMOREPACIFIC’s CEO, Mr. Suh Kyung-bae remarked that AMOREPACIFIC, as an entity that exists to service all mankind by creating beauty and health, is adding all efforts to fulfill the duties of a corporate citizen by considering today’s environment for future generations. He added that AMOREPACIFIC will be more active in participating in social activities by setting up systems that will allow the members of AMOREPACIFIC to participate more freely.