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Chae-Jung Kwon, Team Leader of AmorePacific, Wins the President’s Commendation for Grand Prize in Korea Design Awards

Company 2010-07-02

Chae-Jung Kwon, Design Management Team Leader of AmorePacific, won the President’s Commendation for ‘Grand Prize in the 11th Korea Design Awards’ on December 2 at the Premium Ball Room of Songdo Convensia. 
The Korea Design Awards is hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and sponsored by the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology to discover design-leading companies, local governments and people who have contributed to the advancement of our design industry, and to encourage them to make the environment more beautiful. 
Chae-Jung Kwon was awarded with the Contributions to Design award, which is given to individuals who have contributed to the vitalization and advancement of a company’s design management. He led the innovative design developments of cosmetics and personal care products in the company through the operation of the design management department. 
Before he worked for AmorePacific’s Design Center, he graduated from the College of Fine Arts at Hongik University in 1991. He was in charge of developing product designs. He devoted himself to design research and development of products from a variety of brands such as cosmetics, personal care and health care products. Since 2004, after becoming the manager of the Design Team, he has focused his activities on developing strategies and visions for the team. In 2007, he became the executive director of the Design Management Department and organized five teams such as Design for Luxury Market, Design for Mass Production, Design for Personal Care, Design for Space and Engineering. For these activities, he was praised for his strategic and systematic organization. 
He spared no efforts in promoting design within the company. Since 2006, he has held Design Storming two times a year to create an opportunity for the employees to suggest creative and innovative designs, and he has held Designade five times a year for the designers in the company to be able to cultivate their potential capacities. Since 2008, to train the young designers, he has selected some designers for transfer to branches abroad to study and experience the local designs. And as a part of industrial-educational cooperation from 2001, he has given the undergraduate students from the Department of Metal Art and Design of Hongik University and the Department of Industrial Design from Sookmyung Women’s University the opportunities for experiencing designs at the working-level through a variety of subjects including a cosmetics design project.