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Celebrates 10th anniversary of the foundation for women’s beauty and health

CSR 2010-11-23

In order to realize the healthy beauty of women, it has been 10 years for Breast Cancer Foundation (chairman Kuk-jin Choi) to be founded in 2000.  Korea Breast Cancer Foundation will have 10th anniversary ceremony in the Baek-bum Convention Hall located in Hyochang-dong, Seoul on 30th at 6:00 PM.

In the late 1990, westernized diet and obesity, decrease of breast-feeding caused increased number of breast cancer patients. AmorePacific (CEO Kyung-bae Seo) recognized that there was a need for breast cancer prevention campaign and launched Korea Breast Cancer Foundation by supporting all foundation funds in September 2009. 

The foundation has, to inspire breast health awareness, implemented tasks such as Pink Ribbon campaign, breast health public education classes, examination fee support for women in welfare facilities and the disabled women, support for breast cancer operation charges for low-income women and support for research fund.  Also, AmorePacific is the reliable supporter of the foundation and has supported more total of 7.5 billion won (more than 1 billion won yearly) through sponsorships, and will proactively support the businesses related to women health. 

At the ceremony, a movie to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the foundation to see the overview of the foundation’s history, history wall exhibition and book reading event for storybook publication will take place.  Also, the foundation’s vision will be proclaimed at the event. 

For 10 years, the most outstanding achievements of the foundation are about 20,000 have been examined for breast cancer for free and around 300 breast cancer patients have been supported to pay for their surgeries.  Since 2003, around 48,000 have participated in the Pink Ribbon health education classes for various organizations. Also, in order to increase awareness of breast cancer, Pink Ribbon Marathon of Love have taken place and the total of 140,000 people participated in the event and the donation of 1.3 billion won have been used for breast cancer treatment and prevention. 

Korea Breast Cancer Foundation will set up three major themes in the future while celebrating its 10th anniversary and will actively take part.  The first theme is “Care” which offers practical and comprehensive services including prevention and the follow-ups regardless of socio-economic status of women as a helper who is responsible for women’s breast health.  Through this, women will regain confidence and will be able to return to the society as a healthy member.  The second theme is “Hope,” which it plans to build Think Tank for breast health by excavating academic and social issues regarding breast health and expanding basic research tasks.  Also, comprehensive education activities and the national campaigns for people which everyone can take part in, the foundation will focus on expanding hopeful messages regarding healthy life.  The last theme is “Community” to make efforts to become a liaison to connect each other by making various contents and channels among government, education, hospitals and people. In addition, the foundation showed its will to fulfill its role as a network to communicate for people and breast cancer patients. 

At the 10th anniversary, the chairman Gukjin Choi of Korea Breast Cancer Foundation said, “We will do our best to carry out breast cancer health more freely and conveniently for women in the future.” The successful journey of the foundation was possible due to the courage and encouragement of supporters and all of you.” From now on, Korea Breast Cancer Foundation will become the foundation for professional breast cancer health which thinks first of women’s health.”

Meanwhile, in order to inspire breast cancer prevention awareness and promulgate the importance of early diagnosis, Pink Ribbon Marathon of Love will be held hosted by Korea Breast Cancer Foundation and conducted by AmorePacific at Yeouido Park on this coming October 10.  Beginning from Busan in last April, the event has taken place in Daejung in May and in Kwangju in June and in Daegu in September. This is the 5th and the finish of the big run for the past year will become a pink festival.  Pink Ribbon Marathon of Love started in 2001 and now meets its 10th anniversary, it has become the hotbed of festival where all family members can participated under the motto of “Pink Ribbon in My Heart” to promulgate the importance of early breast cancer diagnosis and enhance the breast health awareness.  The entire entry fees will be donated to Korea Breast Cancer Foundation and used for breast cancer prevention and treatment activities to contribute to expanding healthy sharing culture.  More details regarding the event is on the Pink Ribbon Marathon of Love homepage