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AMOREPACIFIC, won the Grand Prix in Marketing in KMBA

Company 2004-05-19

Grand Prix in Marketing First prize in Brand Leadership (Hera) Best Product in New Products (Mamonde Total Solution) AMOREPACIFIC won the Grand Prix in Marketing, the First Prize in Brand Leadership (Hera) and the Best Product in New Products (Mamonde total solution) in the Korea Marketing Best Awards (KMBA) ceremony held in Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel on May 18. KMBA is organized by Korea Management Association to enhance competitiveness of local companies and contribute to the industrial development by encouraging and publicizing the companies and products that have shown remarkable performances in the markets through marketing activities. AMOREPACIFIC has so far been recognized for its marketing capabilities by winning prizes in several areas and being selected as an exemplary case. Moreover, at this time, the company verified its top-notch marketing power by snatching the Grand Prix in KMBA. Since founded in 1945, the company has been focusing its resources in the beauty and health businesses. It is recognized for its product quality improved through R&D and continuous innovations. In particular, the company is still being loved by its customers with its various brands including Laneige, Iope, Mamonde, Hera and Sulwhasoo, focusing on the realization of “Dream of Beauty” for women. The Company’s marketing strategies can be classified into brand renovation, marketing process innovation, enhanced competitiveness of customer relationship and globalization. First, brand renovation focuses on selection and concentration, growth of huge brand lines and profit-centered brand. Second, marketing process innovation is centered on the building of customer-oriented and brand-centered organization that can quickly respond to the changes of market environment. Third, enhanced competitiveness of customer relationship includes the implementation of customer loyalty programs, improved communication in and out of house, and in-store merchandizing (exhibitions and store development). Last, globalization of the organization and marketing capabilities. The Company is outstanding in that it advocates a strong brand company, implements the brand producer system and puts focus on the acquisition, analysis and use of market information for effective marketing activities. It applies all the same standards to its brands through its marketing research information system when a new product is launched or a brand is evaluated. In addition, through this system, the Company fosters successful brands and minimizes risk factors by systemizing all processes from the development of new products, to market response research after launching and product tracking. The Company introduced e-CRM for the coordination of online and offline marketing activities so as to address what customer needs and implemented the experiential marketing jointly with Prof. Bernd Schmitt, a marketing guru, to undertake marketing activities that would bring new experiences to its customers.