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AMOREPACIFIC was awarded ‘BPW Gold Award’

R&D 2005-02-22

AMOREPACIFIC is selected for the 12th BPW Gold Award by Professional Women Korea (BPW Korea, Chairman- Kim, Young-soon). Since 1993, the BPW Gold Award has been given to individuals or organizations from all spectrums of society, including politics, society, economy, culture and education, who have greatly contributed to the enhancement of women’s status and employment with outstanding leadership and sense of equality. This year, AMOREPACIFIC’s CEO Suh Kyung-bae and a professor at Seoul National University Choi, Jae-cheon (Department of Life Science, College of Natural Science) were selected as the co-recipients of the award. The awarding ceremony was held at the LOTTE Hotel at 6:30 p.m. on the 22nd. AMOREPACIFIC was selected for being a leading women-friendly company as it has promoted women’s participation in the economy with the site visit sales and beauty care specialist system since 1960 and it has also been recognized for its merit-based and gender-neutral personnel policy to realize its vision of “beauty and health”. Currently more than 53% of all workforces are women at AMOREPACIFIC. And it plans to pursue a recruiting and promotion policy based on its merit-based and function-oriented system to foster global leaders. At the awarding ceremony, the CEO stressed that developing female workforce will result in a better future for AMOREPACIFIC and said that the company would work harder to make it a cultural community of which the male and female workers are harmonious with each other, together with a fair personnel policy.