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AmorePacific utilizes materials cultivated by natural farming methods in Goksung-gun

Company 2010-11-23

AmorePacific (CEO Kyung-bae Seo) has concluded MOU to develop cosmetics materials cultivated by natural farming method with Goksung-gun in Jolla province on 20th The MOU ceremony took place at the office of Big Yard in Goksung-gun office at 2:00 PM and the president of AmorePacific Cosmetics Technology Institute, Hak-hee Kang and the governor of Gogsung-gun joined the ceremony.

AmorePacific will establish quality certification process for medicinal materials by introducing the cultivation of herbal medicine by the natural farming through the MOU.  Also, quality-approved herbal medicine materials will be applied to our cosmetics products and share information regarding the direction of herbal cosmetics materials as well as natural farming method in and outside of the country.  Through this, it is expected for AmorePacific to ensure domestic materials having safety and high-efficacy at the same time. In addition, through establishing our own cultivation method for herbal materials, it also is expected to be able to expand usable herbal materials. This MOU will serve as a base for AmorePacific to build up Herbal Material Guarantee System including the quality assurance process as well as future cultivation process. 

Hak-hee Kang, the president of AmorePacific Technical Laboratory said, “We are grateful for famers in Goksung-gun for their effort to cultivate pure and superb materials. Based on great materials cultivated, AmorePacific will do our best to apply them to our products so that we can present the best products.”

Goksung-gun in South Jolla prince has made efforts to make the region as a farming mecca for the past few years.  To do this, the province tried cultivation method beyond traditional ones and grow crops to realize high-value products as well as producer-oriented farming method by forecasting consumptions on them so that they can get high income.  Especially, Goksung-gun is one of the municipalities which first introduced natural farming method.  Since farming takes up the largest part of most businesses in Goksung-gun, they have put so much effort and researched on this, and has been leading it by comprising natural farming TF team. 

Meanwhile, AmorePacific has researched on pure, domestic materials and taken part in activities to apply them to our products.  Last February, we concluded the camellia seeds supply contract with Dongbaek village in Jeju island; and environmental friendly ginseng purchase contract with Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative Federation of North Jolla Province.  Also, in July, concluded paper mulberry supply contract with Guesan, North Chooncheong province.  Other than these, the company created a herbarium with Kangwon University since 2008, and built database for domestic herbal materials. 

* Note:  What is natural farming? 
Natural farming is a husbandry method which dreams of coexistence with the nature as the providence of the nature by the power of the nature without using any artificial ingredients.  In natural farming process, using mature compost made from organic matters obtained from complex stock farming, that is, house-produced materials or in-house manufacture.  Also, it is a principle to use micro organisms extracted from the nature near the farms, fertilized products of crop vestige and wild grass.  Without plowing the rich soil mechanically, we pursue a farming method to coexist with nature such as controlling weeds through rye production and soil clearing by defoliations and rice straws.