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AmorePacific, Telling the "Green" for Symbiosis

CSR 2010-07-02

AmorePacific Corporation President and CEO Suh Kyung-bae held the Green Partnership Meeting 2010 on April 7 for providing information exchange conference to build the environment friendly and low carbon management system.
The conference was held in the Diamond Hall of Hotel Castle in Suwon with a total of 35 guests from the Ministry of knowledge Economy and Green partnership business.
The idea of the Green Partnership is to establish the environment friendly management system for partner companies by supporting the parent companies to build their purchase guidelines, provide the diagnostic guidance of production processes and transfer the environment friendly production technologies to partners. With the support from the Ministry of Knowledge Management for the Green Partnership initiative, the conference was prepared for participating businesses to exchange their opinions and information. AmorePacific Corporation conducted this meeting for the first time in 2010 and shared its business performance as one of the key presenters.
AmorePacific Corporation has assessed the greenhouse gas emissions of 20 suppliers in the first year of the Green Partnership project[1] from June 2009 to May 2010 and has set a target to cut 5% of the greenhouse gasses per unit[2]. In order to accomplish these objectives, AmorePacific Corporation has taken a measurement of the greenhouse gas emissions of 20 suppliers in 2009 and has conducted the primary and secondary diagnoses for reducing the emissions. The result showed potential improvements to a total of 130 cases, including 90 cases of packaging sector and 40 cases of raw material sector. In 2010, with the selected items of a relatively high reduction effect, the company has established the plan for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by a total of 3,189 tons, which is calculated to 5.6% risen from 5% of the original reduction target. Furthermore, AmorePacific Corporation has also evaluated the greenhouse gasses of 34 products from 10 suppliers and identified product with the largest quantity of greenhouse gas emissions. Given these results, the company has analyzed respective sectors in need to cut the emissions and has been supporting the reduction of the emissions by adopting the improved production processes.
"We will do our best to commit and promote the greenhouse gas reduction activities of suppliers through continuing support and training," said Eui-taek Kim, head of the environmental management team of AmorePacific, during his presentation. AmorePacific will grow the number and range of suppliers participating in the activities of building low carbon management system by promoting the campaign of greenhouse gas reduction to 20 additional suppliers in the next two year project.
"The Ministry of Knowledge Economy will consistently manage the conference to support member companies and suppliers to easily exchange information with each other," stated Dae-Ja Kim, Director for the Industry & Environment Coordination Division, "Also, we will promote the green partnership program actively through the website and discuss policy measures to provide practical support for participating businesses and suppliers."
[1] Project details: Building and spreading the low-carbon management system for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from AmorePacific partners
[2] Greenhouse gasses generated in producing 1-ton of products (tCO2)