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AMOREPACIFIC Technology Center accredited as an international accreditation institute

R&D 2005-02-03

The AMOREPACIFIC Technology Research Center (Director & Vice President Lee, Ok-seop) was accredited as an international accreditation institute in chemistry on January 26th by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS). (KLAS announcement 2005-22) International accreditation institutes are determined by KOLAS by screening procedures for the ability of analyzing test scores in accordance with the international standardization institute ISO/IEC 17025. 200 organizations so far have been accredited as international accreditation institutes in 11 test areas including chemistry, electricity, medicine, and others. The AMOREPACIFIC Technology Research Center so far has documented manuals, regulations, policies, technology standardization, and has obtained licenses as well as certifications in the required areas. It was accredited as an international accreditation institute by satisfying the requirements of documentation and field evaluation by KOLAS and of the screening by the accreditation committee. The areas it was accredited for are chemistry tests for eight areas, including cosmetics and perfumery, and essential oil. The accreditation period lasts for four years until January 25th, 2009. The accreditation gave the Technology Research Center the opportunity to enhance the credibility at home and abroad with proven test systems in line with international standards and make it able to effectively cope with technological barriers with the capability to issue internationally accredited test score reports. In addition, the Center is now capable of securing the competitive edge in production development by eliminating waste in the system based on the basic rules and principles, the accumulation of systematic documentation, the recording of technological knowledge, and the securing of the reliability of test results through the strict management of measuring devices and equipments and an international level of analyzing capacity. Lee, Ok-seop, the Director of the center said, “the center plans to expand the test areas from the current eight through continuous efforts at improvement, and actively participates in revising the standards at home and abroad based on the established analysis system.